Recently, Richard had a chance to speak to The Global Recruiter about the future of Talent and the importance of ‘reinventing the wheel’ in an industry that is quickly moving into the digital age.

The article delves into the recent shift towards an increasing mobile workforce and how our soon-to-launch  Talent ENGAGE portal will provide a wholly unique and differentiated experience for contractors in this  new industry model.  Richard discusses Talent’s plans for growth including in the US possibly later this year.

Richard Earl talks exclusively about the changes recruitment and the future of Talent International

Richard Earl, founder and managing director at Talent International, Australia, believes the recruitment industry is having to work harder for success. From his vantage point, within a truly global recruitment business, it seems clear that while the global economy is stutteringly moving out of the doldrums, recruiters cannot be complacent about their business. Indeed, as Earl discusses his businesses across Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and the UK he talks of an industry that needs to reposition itself in order to survive.

“Overall, the recruitment sector has got a lot of challenges,” he says. “Wherever you operate, the old traditional model doesn’t work so well and in the digital age the mystique of what recruiters do has disappeared, so the value proposition has to change. If you’re not looking to reinvent yourself you should be worried.”

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