Last Night – Audacious Visions from the Rooftop

Hip Hop artist and activist, Emmanuel Jal, Chris Waddell, 13 time Paralympic Medallist, and myself on the last night at Necker Island’s Igniting Change Gathering.

For our last night, we had another amazing setting at the front of the Great House. Myself and my wife Lizzy, were fortunate to be seated with Richard and Joan Branson for the evening and enjoyed some highly stimulating and fun discussions as well as plenty of fine wine. Richard was particularly excited about the Talent Unleashed Awards and the magnitude of the response.

A quick snap with some like-minded friends

Towards the end of the meal Jean Oelwang, CEO of Virgin Unite, invited a few of us to speak to the group with their particular audacious vision for igniting change. I was handed the microphone and invited to speak first, at which point Richard Branson, insisted that I speak from the roof of the Great House which hadn’t been attempted before. Despite much trepidation and the risk of losing all credibility I think I gave a good account of Talent Rise and our five-year vision for impacting the lives of 10,000 unemployed youths around the world.

Others followed with emotional and passionate rooftop appearances before the night unfolded into a great evening of dance and live entertainment. A truly amazing final night and a unique experience for myself and Talent International, as I’m sure it must have been for all those who have participated in the last few days.

Back soon with details of the final morning.