Recruitment – it’s the most competitive industry in the world and that shows no signs of slowing down this year. According to OnRec nearly 3,000 new recruitment agencies were registered in 2016. Whilst this increased competition continues to drive new innovation in the sector it also piles pressure on consultants already working in a world where only the strongest will survive.


At Talent, our #TalentDevelopment programme ensures that our skills are continually updated and our investment in the latest technologies ensures that our teams are armed with the tech needed to stay ahead of the competition as well as continuously evolve and build on our knowledge. Supplement that with our weekly, monthly and annual employee benefits, our unique culture and entrepreneurial approach to push and be the best has given us reason to believe that we have the strongest, most heavily armed consultants in the industry.

So, without giving too many Talent secrets away, what qualities do we think will make the ideal recruitment consultant in 2017?

1.      Well-founded confidence

To survive in recruitment, you need to project a confidence in your ability which will allows you to offer your clients, companies and jobseekers a great service. Inevitably, that will require you to confidently talk about what it is you can offer that other consultants can’t. However, when listing off your attributes make sure you have real-life examples to back up your claims.

2.      A head for numbers

Recruitment is a target-driven business, so you’ll be expected to reel off figures and calculate percentages in double quick time. If you’re making the move into recruitment, consider including some relevant experience working with numbers and sales figures.

3.      Time management skills

Having great time management skills is important in any profession, but in recruitment it’s essential with positions often needing to be filled urgently, so getting your priorities right is paramount. So, turning up late with a limp excuse of “I woke up late” having overrun or such like will see your card marked unfavourably.

4.      People skills

In some professions, you can get away with not being all that great with people – recruitment is not one of them. Having great people skills will help you to build trust and attract clients as well as jobseekers more easily. They will also help you build better relationships with your colleagues, making for a happy team.

5.      Research skills

The ability to research quickly and thoroughly will serve you very well indeed in recruitment. Cold calling/messaging is dead and often counter-productive so whether it’s researching clients or jobseekers, a fair amount of your day will be spent gaining the knowledge to ensure your first connection gets the response you intended.

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means but if you can nail these then you have the foundations for a successful 2017 in Recruitment. If you really want to fly this year though and develop your skills get in touch or visit us at