Video is being touted as the next big thing in recruitment. In fact, nearly one in five recruiters are using video at the interview stage, as reported by Jobvite. At Talent, we love seeing creative recruitment trends emerge, and there are certainly some huge benefits to using video. However, it’s not right for everyone, and recruiters should think hard before they go ahead with a video application process.

Using video in the recruitment process

A multi-media approach

It helps when searching for tech candidates to take a look at their previous projects, including websites and apps they’ve worked on or whatever else they might have to show. Once you’ve sifted through your initial applications, you could ask those that have made it to the next stage to film a short video that will walk you through the projects they’re most proud of and how they did them. This will give you an idea of their own tech skills and provide a multi-media approach that will make a change from sifting through CVs.

Reduce costs and time

Video is a great way to conduct an initial screening. A video interview will give you a good idea of the cultural fit of your applicant, and they are much more interesting than the normal phone screenings that take place. This will save you valuable time when shortlisting your final few. You’ll also be able to get several people from across your organisation involved, even if they’re in different locations, by sending them the video.

Video interviews also help save costs and widen your potential candidate pool. Not everyone will live in the city your offices are in, so making it clear that they’ll have a chance for a video interview will encourage those who might live in more rural areas. It’ll also mean you won’t have to pay their travel costs, and, if it’s a one-way interview in which only they do the talking, your candidate will be able to do it at a time that suits them.

A pre-recorded interview may help more nervous candidates to relax, as they’ll have the opportunity to edit it later and send a more polished version.

But will you put people off?

Although in many ways video widens your candidate pool, it’ll also exclude those who don’t have access to a laptop or computer. It may also put off candidates who are more shy, or who may have all sorts of other skills but don’t know how to use video very well. Older candidates in particular may not be very comfortable with video interviews.

Remember there’s only so much a video can convey about someone, and in general it’s much better to meet in person when hiring for top level management positions, especially when people skills are an important part of the job.

Many recruiters only use one-way interviews, where they simply send an applicant a list of questions. The candidate will then record their interview by themselves and send it back. This means you can’t ask follow up questions, and it can often make people come across as forced or awkward, even though they are perfectly capable of holding a conversation normally.

Video is a great tool for cost and time effectiveness, especially in the initial screening process. It makes the hiring process a little more exciting, and enables people from all over the country to apply. However, be wary of relying on it too much – it can’t tell you everything, and may put some amazing candidates off applying.

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