Have you ever thought, ‘wow, after all those messages, we finally agreed on a place to meet’? Or ‘I wish we had discussed that earlier’! Or even, ‘geeze what’s Susan from Accounts’ number’?

rapporr is a new platform that will solve many of our day-to-day problems and give users the ability to reach an outcome by sharing ideas and collaborating through a unique experience.

Working out of Talent International’s Sydney HQ, the progressive start-up is on the cusp of something quite revolutionary. rapporr aspires to change the way people communicate, at work, in communities and through their extended networks.

rapporr moved into the Talent Sydney office in January, off the back of The 2014 Talent Unleashed Awards program which wrapped up late November last year. The Unleashed Awards came about after Talent’s Managing Director Richard Earl started a movement to stand up and support the Asia Pacific and UK start-up sectors through recognising and rewarding those individuals with bold and brilliant ideas. Earl welcomed the rapporr team to share the Sydney office space in January, as an extension of that support. The rapporr team is headed up by entrepreneur, advisor and business strategist David Anstee and co-founder/technical genius Peter Tippett.

We caught up with David Anstee to find out more about rapporr and how the new platform is set to change how people engage and communicate in the workplace and in communities to solve problems.

Meet David Anstee (Entrepreneur, Advisor, and Business Strategist)

How did you get involved with rapporr?

I kept in contact with Peter Tippet (Founder) after he trained me to be a lifesaver at Bondi Lifesaving Club 12 years ago. He was the club’s Director when I joined. It was fantastic to engage with the kind of person who is the salt of the earth and gives back to the community. Peter started looking to solve communication difficulties at the club and began working on a solution which enabled mobile message rather than email to communicate with volunteers. During the early stages of rapporr, Peter and I soon discovered this would be even more effective in business as the same challenge in communicating and engaging volunteers is applied in the workplace

How is the rapporr platform unique?

We believe having meaningful conversations can solve many things in business. The problem is, email and particularly personal chat. The definition of a conversation is to share ideas and opinions – an art form that has been lost in today’s technology. Whatsapp – does not allow people to share ideas and opinions. Our desire as people is to share thoughts and ideas we are passionate about. This is what rapporr does so simply. It’s a private network that provides structure to communications to allow one-to-many and many-to-many conversations. That is unique. Other chat programs struggle to do this.

How will rapporr make a difference in people’s lives?

I think firstly it will allow staff within an organisation to have a voice and have it count, which is what they can’t achieve on email, with its ‘reply to all’ culture. For example, rapporr enables people to seek the opinions of others, and share photos and ideas to solve business challenges. It empowers staff, rather than having to always depend on managers to solve problems, instead they can seek approval for the solution they have come up together. Finding solutions by answering polls, sharing opinions and working together to get things done. It is about having a voice and everyone should have that. There are approximately 90 billion messages going out per day on other messaging applications, which are what they call ‘SIPS’ in psychology. rapporr is about starting a thread and having a conversation that brings everyone together to solve a particular issue. rapporr is the full glass while everyone encourages short messages or ‘SIPS’ of information to be exchanged.

Which industries will rapporr add the most value to?

We plan to start with The Organic Republic Bakery in Bondi, with their team of 30. We will use pilots to ensure rapporr does what it needs to. From there, we will target restaurants, hotels, garden centres and surf lifesaving clubs. We are going to start building rapporr in the community starting at the grassroots. The power of rapporr is that, unlike Facebook or other social network models, it is about high-affinity groups like you would find in small businesses.

How many people do you have working in the team at rapporr?

We have built probably the best team I have ever had. We have five engineers, a product manager, three in marketing and sales, supporting Peter and I, along with a group of amazing advisors.

What is it like working in a start-up at Talent International Sydney?

It’s great. It’s a really interesting environment. I have advised over 14 start-ups over the last few years at Muru-D and various accelerators, but this is different here, more personal and people have shown a real interest in what we are doing. It has been good to connect with Richard and his management team. We have gained invaluable advice from Mark Nielsen (Talent’s CFO) and Jason Spiteri in IT and have been exposed to all the interesting things that are happening at Talent.  The culture here is very collaborative, which I don’t think you always find at most recruitment companies. Talent is very forward thinking and because of that, I think people feel more engaged. Plus, the coffee is top notch, not to mention the biscuits.

What is your vision for the future of rapporr?

I want to take rapporr from its headquarters in Sydney to the rest of the world and ensure that people have a voice and can have the conversations that they need to have and we hope to make the world a better place by facilitating those conversations.

Do you have any closing advice for start-ups out there?

Move fast and think quick! Get your product out as quickly as possible into the market and learn. Or FLEARN…Fail and learn.

Stay tuned for further developments on the rapporr journey…