Your annual performance review may be coming up so here are some handy tips to help you get the most out of it. With the right preparation, performance reviews can be a tool that can help you to succeed in your organisation.

Image of two successful business partners working at meeting in office

1) Write a journal of your successes

It’s helpful to write a journal of things you’ve achieved in your job. Provide evidence to support this – perhaps a client or customer sent you a nice email thanking you for your hard work, or sales or social media engagements have increased since you started a particular project. Ensure that this doesn’t just cover the last few months, but is drawn from the whole period that’s under review.

Find out how your boss measures success. For instance, you might see the time you spend with each of your clients as a good thing, but there may be a disconnect with your boss, who might wonder why you only get round to talking to a few clients a day.

In your journal you should also write down areas you would like to develop, as well as ideas for how you could improve these. Then, when your boss highlights them in your review, you can show them exactly how you intend to tackle the weaknesses that have been highlighted.

2) Have a look at your last review

What goals were set in your last performance review, and how have you worked on these? If your company has gone in a different direction since those goals were set, making them irrelevant, ensure you write down exactly why you didn’t work on a particular project, and what you did instead.

Take a look at the specific requirements of your job in the job description, and write down how the tasks you do on a day-to-day basis contribute to that.

3) Know what you want to achieve from your review

Performance appraisals should be more than just a look back at your achievements over the past year. They should be a forum where you can discuss future development and show your boss how far you’ve gone and how committed you are to your job. You’ll then be able to look at promotion opportunities and exactly what you need to do to achieve them.

Everyone in a job has gone through a performance appraisal at some point. They don’t need to be something to worry about if you’ve prepared properly. For help finding your next job, give Talent a call today.