Only 15 Days left to enter!

There is not long left until entries in the 2016 Year Talent Unleashed Awards close, so now is the time to get your entry in if you want to be in the running to Win a trip to silicon valley and the chance to meet Steve Wozniak! Visit to Enter.


Entering is easy!

Believe us when we say entering is easy. It’s a simple process:

  • Register as a user on our Awards Platform
  • Include some basic details about you/your business
  • Answer the 4 Judging Criteria (250 words each)
  • Upload your logo
  • Option to upload a video (YouTube quality is fine)

No fancy or lengthy submissions required! It’s all online. While the video upload is optional, we strongly encourage entrants to include a short 3min video of themselves and their business. A YouTube clip filmed on a mobile device will do, but if you can wow us even better! Give your application the personal touch, so we can see you and how passionate you are.

Why don’t you nominate someone else?

Everyone knows someone else the tech community doing something exciting. Why not help them take the next step to getting the recognition they deserve. Nominate your clients, friends, colleagues and business partners. Nominating is easy:

  • You register as a user on the Awards platform
  • You complete the nominees details and submit the nomination
  • The nominee will receive an email directly with instructions on how to enter and a link to the online entry form (they should keep the email handy or bookmark the link)
  • The nominee completes their online entry form and clicks on submit to accept the nomination and enter!

At Talent, we are always here to help at any stage of the nomination or application process. If you are unsure or have any questions please reach out and contact us by emailing For more information visit our Entry Process page.