Germany is well-known for being an immigration country. The second most popular migration destination in the world, it’s estimated that over 10 million people living in Germany today were born in a different country.

While EU citizens have enjoyed freedom of movement and the right to work in Germany for decades, the rules are a little less relaxed for non-EU workers without academic qualifications – but the German government may be about to change that.

Alleviating labour shortages in Germany

A proposal from the German Interior, Labour and Economy ministries is hoping to relax the current migration policy for professionals outside the EU. This would allow more skilled workers to enter Germany and hopefully fill the country’s labour gap – over 1.2 million jobs currently need filling.

Currently, academic qualifications are used to determine the level of skill a worker has. Under the new law, employers would look to vocational qualifications, opening up more opportunities to people without a university degree.

In the proposed plan, non-EU citizens with “special skills” from vocational career paths will be allowed to enter the country and look for a job there, as long as they meet certain requirements, like German language skills and age. The proposal also asks that the government stops asking companies to give German citizens priority over foreign workers when looking to fill vacancies.

A more international workforce

This new law, should it pass, will be great news for overseas workers. Here at Talent, we’re looking forward to seeing a more diverse, international workforce in Germany! International candidates are a fantastic asset for companies – especially in the tech sector.

Stuart Day, our EU Director, said:

“A lot of our focus over the past 3 years has been looking to developing markets to source high calibre digital tech staff to bring into Europe to supplement the local and EU candidates that are becoming a rare commodity.

One of those markets sits in South America. The US outsource a lot of their development work to Brazil, we find candidates with excellent communication skills, working on high level code and adhering to a really high level of quality control. Verifying their degree in the ZAV database in order to ensure they can obtain a bluecard working visa is often time consuming.

Talent International Tech Team Builders have created a full process to not only verify whether a potential candidate can obtain a bluecard but also a full process for them to follow to make their transition and relocation very easy.

We offer this service for free to both clients and candidates allowing us a greater reach to find Talent and create diverse teams.”


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