The demand for tech skills is growing across all sectors. However, there are certain technology disciplines that are seeing greater than average demand.  If you’re looking for a new job in tech, it could be time to brush up on your skills. According to Talent’s recent Salary Guide, employers are increasingly looking for well-rounded tech candidates who can build their business as well as they can coordinate code.

Here are the top 4 skills employers are looking for in tech candidates:

Business change

Professionals with deep business change and transformation experience are in high demand. As digital transformation is changing every aspect of the business landscape, business leaders are ready to embrace it across all industry sectors.

Data science

The increased focus on machine learning and business intelligence means data scientists are increasingly integral to technology teams. Job seekers must be proficient in Python and JavaScript and have strong analytical and mathematical skills.

Software development

Software development and programming, especially with multi-faceted languages like JavaScript and Python, continue to be the most in-demand skills across ANZ into 2018, regardless of whether you’re an infrastructure engineer or application software engineer. These languages are not only used to build scalable applications, but also to automate, streamline processes or trawl data across disparate systems. The ongoing demand for software development skills will create a more acute skill shortage across ANZ.

Cyber security

Despite having priority in 2017, a number of eminent cyberattacks occurred last year, including ‘WannaCry’ and that against worldwide advertising agency, WPP. In 2018, cyber security will be a number one priority. Those with experience in IoT (Internet of Things) are in hot demand. IoT is suffering an increasing number of cyber security breaches, and Gartner predicts that nearly half of IoT budgets will go to product recalls, incident response and cyber security by 2022.