With every new challenge comes excitement, adventure and the opportunity to learn. After spending the last 16 years working in tech recruitment at the main private recruitment companies in the UK, I feel like joining the Talent International team has been my most exciting challenge yet.

It’s evident that Talent International is a true player in the technology sector, constantly leading with innovative ideas. I have worked for, and grown with, organisations as they prospered from small enterprises into large corporations. Through this, I have developed a keen understanding of the challenges businesses face at every stage of their journey. Talent International is one of those rare companies that’s in state of perpetual progress, but change is a complicated process. I feel like my role here is to bring the EU region together in order to work successfully, not just as a team but with clients, too. With an already established brand in APAC, the future is bright for Talent UK.

I have only been here for 4 weeks, yet is seems like I haven’t worked anywhere else! That’s down to the unique culture and energy – everyone is a stakeholder of your success and everyone is open and transparent, giving you the opportunity to play to your strengths. It’s refreshing to find a place where great people are passionate in all that they do. Culture is what sets Talent International apart from competitors, because it allows people to think for themselves and grow. As a result, this unique culture attracts truly talented individuals.


Each UK office has its own style and, although part of a large global organisation, it’s apparent that they allow the entrepreneur to exist, pushing the boundaries and thinking differently. Each region has its own identity and shares the common goal. The people I’ve met have surprised me with their expertise and their capability to understand the niche IT markets. I’ve had my expectations met and exceeded by the sales leadership team – they’re always on the front foot developing new client relationships. Talent doesn’t hinder them with labour intensive admin, either. It just gives them the tools to create and develop their people.

A question I’ve often asked myself throughout my career is “When I was flying, what was it I was doing differently that made me so good?” The answer is that I was taking risks, challenging convention and forging my own path while always supporting those around me. In Talent International, I believe I have found a company that echoes this ethos.

We have a clear strategy; one which places the client at the heart of everything we do and avoids stagnancy at all costs. We want to excel and continually raise the bar on how we conduct our business. We will do this by utilising our talented team and creating a success that is experienced by everyone. There is no fear of getting things wrong here – just a sense of adventure.