User experience and technological advancement are driving the growth of the mobile app market, and every new OS update creates new innovations app developers can use to stand out from the crowd.

The speed at which technology is progressing can make it hard to keep up, but here are the top innovations you need to be keeping up with to make a mark on the ever-expanding app market, according to Small Business Trends:

Voice recognition

Voice recognition capabilities allow users to control certain app functions hands-free, which adds value to your app and provides users with efficient use – something all customers are looking for in our increasingly busy world.

Speech recognition is now more reliable and it is becoming easier than ever before to create apps that are capable of converting voice to text and vice versa. Who knows, maybe one day every app will be controlled by voice commands?


Mobile security is now a top concern for smartphone users, with many using biometrics, such as fingerprint scanning, iris scanning and facial recognition, as secure ways to lock their phones.

So, why not use these biometric capabilities to create reliable personal identification in mobile apps? Enterprise customers, government agencies, and security-conscious organisations will be drawn to a seamless and inexpensive way of securing payments, files and server authentication.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0) has already advanced greatly on mobile platforms this year, but BLE 5.0 will provide even longer ranges, higher speed and less power consumption.

The improvements with BLE 5.0 will make it more efficient for customers to use Bluetooth to control mobile apps for a whole host of areas, such as their home security, cars, drones, external sensors.


Augmented reality is not a new tech, but there has been a new interest in AR ever since the explosive success of Pokemon GO last year.

The game revealed the potential for this innovation, and has inspired a new way of using AR for apps. Ultimately, it makes apps more engaging, entertaining and educational.

Home automation

It’s no secret that we’re living in an increasingly connected world, and now that is entering our homes with smart devices. To help provide users with seamless integration, developers are turning to software development kits to create apps that are able to control multiple smart devices in the home.

Apple’s newly improved HomeKit and Google’s Brillo are providing the platforms that will make the development of home automation and IoT device control apps even easier.


With the likes of Google Cardboard, virtual reality is now becoming more accessible. And it seems Google is keen to expand VR as Android enables developers to build VR apps. VR is incredibly versatile, meaning it can be used by a wide range of industries.

 There is now a plethora of apps available, so make sure yours engages users by incorporating one or more of these top innovations.

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