Microsoft Australia spent a morning with Talent’s senior management team last week to discuss their aspirations for standout customer experience. They shared with each other insights on their journeys to-date and how they achieve best-in-class customer service through innovation.

Richard Earl, Founder and MD of Talent International, took the opportunity to discuss his approach to achieving the ‘impossible place’ of service to customers beyond what someone might expect or imagine is achievable.  The ‘impossible place’ is based on a model from best-selling author Oren Harari and has formed the backbone for Earl’s approach to finding ways to satisfy and delight Talent customers.

Microsoft Australia are along the path of their own journey to being more externally focused and creating consistently great experiences for their customers so it was a lively discussion at Talent’s Sydney HQ on how each of the organisations works to achieve this.

Award-winning IT&T specialist Talent International, is on a strategic path to create value and change in the recruitment sector and personal and professional growth for its customers through innovative products and services, a strategic approach which attracted the Microsoft Australia team.