As part of Talent’s 20 Year Anniversary Celebrations we have asked staff members from across the globe to tell us about their journey and experience working at Talent.


What makes you want to come to work everyday?

I’ve been in the recruitment industry for nearly 5 years now and still enjoy the excitement and the joy of helping people find their dream jobs!

Its all about the small gestures like a thank you, the pleasure of meeting new people, being the SME that everybody looks up to and respects which makes my job so special!  I love a healthy competition and the positive results after a successful placement.

What is your fondest moment at Talent International?

I’ve been with Talent for nearly a year and 7 months now and there have been many memorable moment in these years. I particularly remember and want to highlight last year, when we were the top suppliers for Sparq Solutions and had got an exclusive email from the client congratulating us. I was proud of myself and my Account manager Rachel Viney for sourcing and placing some of the rarest and hard to find candidates within the Utilities Industry.

To make this more special, the client congratulated me and recognised my hardwork and did a special mention in our contractor event. I was pleased with myself!

What have you learnt in your role as a Candidate Manager?

Everyday has been a new learning for me here at Talent. I have become more confident about myself and I love the fact that I am exposed to new learning everyday. The constant new challenges, the wins and success stories we share, inspires me.

I have realised that nothing is impossible to learn and achieve and feel proud of myself for having come so far within this industry.

What is your biggest accomplishment at Talent?

My biggest accomplishment at Talent so far is helping my team in securing more placements and increasing their contractor numbers. I have resourced and placed candidates for some niche roles which helped in securing some important wins for our Brisbane team.

What do you think are the biggest things to come for the technology industry?

I believe that the technology industry is slowly taking over the world. Every remote country in the world has been going through the digital revolution and has now access to health, education, lifestyle and many important things that life has to offer us.

The biggest things to come for the technology industry are for us to have access to the best medical facilities for everybody in every part of the world, a world free from environmental pollution and a safer atmosphere for everybody. Science and technology combining in a positive way making our world a better place to live.


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