Your IT career does not develop in straight line, but in a winding path. Find out how you can remain adaptable and achieve career goals.


As a professional in the technology industry developing your IT career is likely to be an important goal. But what happens when you feel as though you have reached a plateau on your way to success? The key to breaking out and making progress may lie in changing the way you think about your career path.

In today’s business environment, and particularly in the changing world of technology, flexibility is central to professional development. So what do you need to know about the modern career path?

Progress is no longer in one direction

Contrary to popular belief, advancing your career is not a matter of moving in a single direction. According to Fortune Magazine, it is now common for careers to develop in a “zig zag” formation. Rather than just climbing upwards, you may find yourself oscillating in different career direction, rather than just climbing straight up.

This is particularly the case in an industry like IT, which is fundamentally based on change and innovation. The path to progression may not be clear, the way it is in a slower moving sector. For all you know, your next position may not have been invented yet.

Consequently, it is important that IT professionals know how to navigate the zig zag career path so that they can achieve success in the long run.

How to make the most of the zigzag career

There are a number of ways you can embrace the shifting work environment and develop your career strategically. Keep in mind that cultivating your career may require some careful long term planing. Don’t just think about advancing – this may not always be the best move in the long term. Instead, consider what position will give you the vital experience you need to be successful later on, even if it seems like going backwards at present. In the future, you will thank yourself.

Likewise, don’t let yourself get trapped in a single skill set or way of doing things. Success in technology requires you to be innovative and flexible, adapting your expertise to meet the changing demands of the industry. In this way you can ensure you never become stagnant, but are always keeping up with new trends and developments in the sector.

Lastly, utilise the expertise of an experience IT recruiter, who will be able to direct you to the latest IT job opportunities and show you how to get where you want to go in the future.