Are you thinking about moving from a permanent position into tech contracting? There’s a huge number of benefits that come with making the move, from increased control and flexibility to better pay. It’s not surprising, therefore, that there are over 1¬†million independent contractors in Australia (as reported by Self-Employed Australia). It’s not always an easy decision to leave the security of a permanent role, however, and there are a few things you should consider before taking the plunge.

1) Education

The best tech contractors are always learning. Many spend their evenings and weekends improving their skillset to ensure they remain as attractive to as many different clients as possible. Look at your skill portfolio, and work out what your speciality is – you can use this to sell yourself to your clients. Where there are gaps, train yourself up on these – ideally before you leave your current job.

Although tech contracting does involve a lot of discipline and self-training, your skillset will grow very quickly as you’ll have the chance to work for a variety of companies on a broad range of jobs. If you’re able to self-educate effectively, you’ll stand in good stead to receive a high salary – often much higher than more permanent roles.

It’s important to train yourself constantly as a tech contractor.

2) Flexibility 

As a contractor you’ll have much more control over the people and the jobs you work on.

As a contractor you’ll have much more control over the jobs you work on. Some people like the safety net that comes with a permanent job, but if you manage to build a decent sized client base, you’ll be able to pick and choose which jobs you’re happy to do.

It’s a good idea not to quit your permanent job straight away. Talk to your employer and see if you can negotiate a phased handover, where you do fewer hours as your final day draws nearer. This will give you time to start contacting potential clients and getting your name out there, while still having a bit of job security and regular income.

3) You’re not alone!

Contracting can seem like a lot of work, but there are platforms out there that can make everything a whole lot easier. Talent Engage, for example, is an online community that puts contractors in touch with clients. It allows you to create a profile, showing potential clients when you’re next available, what skills you have and gain additional skills through our Partner Offers. It allows you to create a profile, showing potential clients when you’re next available and what skills you have. It also allows you to seamlessly submit timesheets online, from anywhere.

Contracting in the tech industry can be hugely rewarding. You’ll gain all sorts of exposure, as well as more control over your work. And with Talent Engage, it’s no more difficult than managing a permanent role! For more information, contact the team today.