Our Auckland branch are sponsors of the BLUE Corner for the IT Heavy Hitters, with all profits going to the Key to Life. Yesterday the team held a breakfast seminar for Key to Life Charitable Trust with key speaker Mike King. The event consisted of  a group of about 30 clients who all have leadership roles who joined them for a breakfast seminar.


The branch invited Mike King to share some of his personal story, some insights to the mental health issues in New Zealand and also some practical tips of how to support our colleagues, family and friends.


Mike facilitated the talk in a fantastic way utilising just the right amount of humour to ensure everyone was comfortable with what can be a very heavy and serious topic.  Through Auckland’s journey with the IT Heavy Hitters, they have fostered a more open work environment where they have broken down the taboo of talking about mental health issues and suicide. We hope other clients and people that attended will have the same response and break the barriers around Mental health in the workplace.


The branch following the seminar had multiple emails from their clients thanking them for hosting the event, commenting on how valuable the event was and that they now have food for thought for their own work environments.


We’re very thankful to Mike for spending his time with us and our clients.

Find out more at the link below.


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Reminder: Auckland team members Dave and Tash are fighting on the IT Heavy Hitters fight night, May 13th, 2017.