Digital innovation is a catalyst for business development in modern companies. IT professionals hold the key to success for these organisations.


Australia’s businesses are under a number of pressures in the digital age, and while there are positives coming from these opportunities, there are challenges as well.

For example, the world’s IT professionals have been thrust into the limelight, with these workers now needing to be as familiar with a company’s business plans as they are with its IT systems.

Digital influences are no longer the backbone of businesses, they’re at the forefront, and companies are being forced to deal with the challenges they entail.

According to the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network, the world’s IT departments are feeling this pressure, as they’re now expected to be innovation leaders not just within their own industry, but for the rest of the company as well.

Almost 70 per cent of global managers the organisation surveyed said that the value of technology to their businesses had grown significantly in recent years. Interestingly, the managers the BPI network surveyed exist outside of their company’s IT infrastructure, yet they are creating metrics for the success for its IT pursuits.

The most popular measurement for success, the organisation found, is how reliable and scalable the IT solutions are, with nearly half (46 per cent) indicating this is what they look for.

On top of this, the second most popular metric these managers look out for lies in IT’s ability to bring “ideas and solutions” to business procedures.

According to an August 12 article on SmartCompany, this is exactly what popular pizza chain Domino’s did to revitalise its profits. The article reported that the company invested heavily in technological innovations such as a mobile-optimised website and improved apps for mobile devices.

Domino’s is not just content with capitalising on established trends either, with SmartCompany reporting it has launched smartwatch apps as well.

With leading businesses seeing the value in digital disruption, as well as planning for and implementing solutions, digital innovation is sure to follow.

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