Mobile devices are currently being integrated at greater speeds into our society, with people using them for an extensive range of applications – from online shopping, to looking for jobs. The mobile network is a foundational part of how we use the internet, enabling access from multiple devices anywhere and at anytime.

As such, the operational speed and efficiency is a defining aspect of its capabilities, so the prospect of a new and improved network is exciting for mobile internet users and technology professionals everywhere. The 5G network is no longer a distant science fiction concept, but could, in fact, be well on its way to becoming a reality.


5G preparations are underway

Throughout the globe, tech companies are gearing up to make the 5G network a possibility for internet users everywhere.

American network provider AT&T has recently announced it’s long-term plan for bringing 5G to its customers. They will collaborate with Ericsson and Intel to complete trials later this year, and anticipate that field tests will bring the speedy wireless connectivity to fixed locations by the end of the year. They expect that the new network will enable speeds that are between 20 and 100 times faster than the current ones, and believe they will be more cost-effective.

Communication and Devices Group’s Corporate Vice President and General Manager Aicha Evans states the collaboration between industries is essential to developing the network and its market implementation.

“At Intel, we know that working with partners like AT&T and Ericsson is essential to bringing faster and more efficient wireless networks that will bring new and richer experiences to our lives,” she says.

What will you be able to do with 5G?

5G is predicted to provide a myriad of exciting possibilities for technological innovation.

According to a report from the 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP), 5G is expected to enable high traffic speeds and real time capabilities which will significantly improve the rate of data delivery for users.

5G-PPP mentions several improvements for different industries that could result from the deployment of the network, including:

The 5G network is closer then you might think, and therefore businesses looking to capitalise on the innovations will want to keep an eye on sky for it’s much-anticipated arrival.