The hype surrounding the new iPhone 7 shows how far smartphone technology has come, and highlights the possibilities for those in IT careers.


Since its creation, the Apple iPhone has been spearhead for mobile device innovation, paving the way for increasingly advanced smartphone technologies and making cutting-edge innovations a reality. With the release of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September, the hype around this popular product is likely to remain high. While Apple fans will be reveling in the new features of their beloved breed of smartphone, the real news is the technological advancements that it displays.

Mobile devices have come a long way since the days of the brick phone, and have provided extensive new possibilities for mobile developer roles. So what are the most exciting capabilities being incorporated into new models like the iPhone 7?

1. Cordless headphones

The portable cassette player was once the pinnacle of music convenience. With the latest iPhone, this has evolved so far that the headphones no longer even have cords connecting them to the device. While Bluetooth pairing has been around for some time, the new innovation allows ear pieces to sync with the device via a wireless chip, creating a better sound and clearer connection than before.

2. High quality camera

Most of today’s smartphones are multifunctional devices that can double as your navigation system, gaming console and camera. Mobile phone cameras have become higher quality, in many cases surpassing the need for a separate device to take photos. And because they are always with us, smartphones are the perfect tool for capturing our lives. This function is being boosted all the time by new mobile devices, and the iPhone 7 Plus even boasts double the lenses.

3. Advanced operating system

The operating system is a huge part of the overall success of the device, and is one of the reasons that Apple and Android continue to dominate the market. Consumers are using their devices in new ways all the time, and smartphones must have the system and the battery life to accommodate these expectations.

4. Increased durability

Gone are the days where a splash of water renders your device useless. As smartphones become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, it makes sense that they would become durable enough to stand up to this. The new iPhone is dust and water resistant, following on from other popular models with this feature including the premium Samsung Galaxy phones.

These are just some of the ways popular mobile devices such as the iPhone are innovating. Not only are these developments appealing for phone users, but they increase the possible applications for smartphones in the business world. As a result, professionals looking for IT jobs may find themselves presented with new career possibilities as mobile devices continue to shape the technology landscape.