Question: when was the last time you delivered a presentation?

It’s becoming increasingly common for companies to expect potential employees to deliver a presentation at the final stage of the interview process.

Why? It’s the perfect opportunity for employers to see key skills and how candidates cope under pressure. It can be all well and good asking a candidate to list the times they’ve used communication to resolve an issue or achieve a task.

However, seeing those communication skills in action can be even more beneficial. A presentation can help highlight a candidate’s:

Here’s a little fact for you all…on average, 27 people apply for a single position in the UK. Yes, that’s right, 27!

Setting yourself apart has never been so crucial. With the below tips, you could impress the interviewers with an engaging, relevant and informative presentation that will give you that special edge over other applicants.

The Warm Up

Congratulations! You have done well to reach this stage. However, there is one more hurdle. Why half-heartedly make the jump with the possibility of falling? Continue with your drive and pace. Remember: they like you and want you to be in the running! Don’t get complacent or think you already have the job, there is still a great deal to do!


First things first, your potential employer will send a brief. This will outline what they are expecting from your presentation. It is vital you read this several times to ensure you understand the points they are expecting you to elaborate on.

Below are the key tips to keep your presentation on track and reach the finish line first!

How well do you know this company?

(…and I don’t mean the first 2 lines of the ‘about us’ page on their company website!).

How well do you understand the role?

Read the job description thoroughly and compare it with your current skills and duties. Use this information and link back to previous roles where you’ve completed similar tasks.

Researching the above will ensure that when asked, you can provide realistic and relevant answers that meet the company’s expectations. Any extra information you can find to show a keen interest in the company will reward you with valuable points.


CONTENT IS KING – Working from the brief, think about the messages you want to convey

How are you going to illustrate and deliver this information?


REHEARSE, REHEARSE, REHEARSE. Your presentation must stay within the allocated time the employers have given. Is your delivery short of time? Where can you expand on a point or back up a point with evidence/examples? Remember: it always takes longer on the day!

‘’Make necessary notes, otherwise no matter how good your memory is or confident you feel, you may forget prompts. Why miss out on an opportunity and dismiss your hard work by skipping a part of your speech or not being able to overcome a technical issue which may occur?”

Just remember:


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