Your CV is important, but in the digital age it could be your online presence that gives you an advantage. Do you know how to create a good one?


Forbes believes that your online presence will replace your resume within the next decade. While this may not be entirely the case yet, online platforms such as social media already play an integral boosting, or harming, your chances of getting a job. For professionals in the IT industry this is particularly important, as employers expect you to be tech savvy and knowledgeable enough to keep up with the trends. When a recruiter recommends you for a position, many employers will still want to find out more about you, so you need to ensure that if you are Googled, you are going to make a good impression.

Do you know how to build an effective online presence that gives you access to more IT job opportunities?

The internet and social media affects employers’ decisions

A survey conducted by market research firm Harris Poll Online in 2015 found that 52 per cent of employers research job candidates on social media, and 35 per cent may not interview someone they can’t find online. According to Careerbuilder’s Chief Human Resources Officer Rosemary Haefner, this is becoming an increasingly common occurrence.

“Researching candidates via social media and other online sources has transformed from an emerging trend to a staple of online recruitment,” she said. “In a competitive job market, recruiters are looking for all the information they can find that might help them make decisions. Rather than go off the grid, job seekers should make their professional persona visible online, and ensure any information that could dissuade prospective employers is made private or removed.”

The survey revealed that the IT sector has the highest use of social media in the hiring process, with 76 per cent of hiring managers in this industry claiming to do so. In addition, 48 per cent of hiring managers said that they were put off a candidate by the content they found about them. This is why it’s vital to not only have an online presence, but one that is going to portray you in a positive light.

How to boost our online presence

Creating an effective online presence is about demonstrating to employers that you are what they’re looking for, such as by:

So remember, while writing a good resume is important for your IT career, it may be your social media profile that sets you apart from the other applicants and gets you an interview.