One of the most interesting new developments involving the cloud is autonomics, which may soon see platforms become self-managing.


No-one can deny the impact that the development of cloud technology has had on the IT industry and business practices alike. Yet the cloud may be about to go one step further and start to manage itself.

According to the 2016 Tech Trends report by Deloitte, autonomic platforms are looming near on the horizon, and involves software which only needs to be developed once and can then be implemented anywhere and left to self-regulate. Consequently, this innovation has the potential to change the face of IT and software developer roles.

Autonomic platforms on the way

Autonomic platforms uses virtualisation and the DevOps approach to provide increased agility and flexibility through automation. It combines dynamic management with end-to-end activities to create a platform that may help businesses to manage progressively complicated tasks

According to the Deloitte report, there are several capabilities that the developing technology may have, including:

Deloitte predicts that these self-managing platforms could become a reality in the near future, with many organisations now attempting to create new products with these capabilities, and as such businesses should prepare for the innovation and how it may affect their operations.

How will autonomic platforms shape the IT industry?

According to software company AIMS Innovations, autonomics help to lower the amount of time that needs to be spent on monotonous work by making them happen automatically. The new infrastructure would allow for a seamless flow of data and and workloads between multiple different cloud platforms, both private and public, and the on-premises systems.

Consequently, the rise of autonomic platforms is likely to change how businesses manage their data and how professionals in IT careers do their work, requiring a lot less direct management, and more implementation and general oversight. Regardless, industry workers an organisations alike will assuredly await the developments eagerly, anticipating a never-before-seen brand of freedom and automation on the cloud.