While most people get stressed out by job interviews, the next step can be just as intense for some. Here’s how to survive your new job.


While plenty of attention is given to the interview process, some people are made just as nervous by starting a new job. After all, this is a big challenge for any new candidate, with the pressure of meeting a host of new people and proving yourself to those who hired you creating a testing environment.

Thankfully, there are number of ways to make the process easier for yourself and your new colleagues, so you can slip smoothly into your new role.

1. Be confident

It may be age-old advice that’s handed out in almost every situation, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Confidence is key, and in these situations you have every reason to feel this way. Even just by being selected for the role in the first place you’ve proven your worth to your new company. All you have to do now is ensure they can see the value in their investment.

Whether you’re meeting your peers, managers or even executives at your new job, confidence is the key to every interaction.

2. Set goals

Whether these are defined by yourself or your new managers, set goals for different time periods as you familiarise yourself with your new role. What do you want to achieve in your first month, week or even year?

It could be anything from creating stronger bonds with your teammates, mastering a difficult task or client or even securing a promotion. Set your sights on these goals early.

3. Find out who’s who

No matter where you’re working or what role you’ve secured, every location and business will have one thing in common: people.

Learn who’s who in your new job. Who will you be working with most? Who are the people ‘in the know’? Use the excuse of being new to meet and talk to new people. It’s never too early to start networking.