How to submit a client timesheet on Talent Engage


Talent Engage (Engage) is a programme to help contractors to better manage their working life with Talent International (Talent). Engage includes an easy to use portal where contractors can complete many important tasks – submitting timesheets, signing contracts and picking up pay advice. It also includes a loyalty programme, where contractors can earn Talent Points, which can be redeemed for Velocity Frequent Flyer points.

This user guide explains how to submit timesheets for contractors on a client timesheet – that is, those contractors that have already had their timesheet approved through a client’s external approval mechanisms.

Timesheets approved via a system like Field Glass is an example of this scenario.


For an overview of this process please click the video below:


Detailed process

The following section includes a step by step process detailing how to complete a client timesheet on Engage.

Step 1: Complete your timesheet and get your approver to approve

This step will vary based on the arrangements preferred by each individual client. Some clients prefer manual (i.e. paper based) timesheeting, whereas others like HP use Field Glass, a timesheeting system.

Once you have had your timesheet approved, please save onto your computer in PDF format.

Step 2: Sign into Engage and navigate to your timesheet

Visit and enter your Engage registered email address and password then click login.

Engage Timesheet_Image 1

When you arrive on the home page, click on the Enter Timesheet button:

Engage Timesheet Image 2

This will take you to a list of your outstanding and past timesheets. Click any field on an outstanding timesheet that you wish to fill out:

Engage Timesheet 3

Step 3: Upload your timesheet

On the timesheet page, simply upload the client timesheet that you approved in step 1 for the week:

Click browse:

Engage Timesheet 4

Select your approved timesheet from your Drive and click open. Please check to ensure it corresponds to the dates displayed in Engage.

Engage Timesheet 5

Click Upload

Engage Timesheet 6

The filename for your uploaded timesheet will appear below the upload box.

Engage Timesheet 7

Step 4: Submit your Engage timesheet

After you have clicked PREVIEW & SUBMIT, you will be taken to the PREVIEW page. This is a last chance to confirm that all the timesheet details are correct. Please note that after this stage, any corrections will need to involve the Talent payroll team.

If you are happy that all is correct, you can click on the SUBMIT TO TALENT button. Otherwise you can click the BACK button to make any changes.

Engage Timesheet 8

Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation message before highlighting your next outstanding timesheet (if any).

Engage Timesheet 9

You will now also have earned a further 50 Talent Points, which you can redeem for Velocity Frequent Flyer points to access flights to a range of domestic and/or international locations.

Optional extras

Timesheeting on Engage also provides the opportunity to add some extra details – these are not mandatory, but may help you to get more from the Engage programme.


On Engage you have the ability to add notes to your timesheets. These are messages you can attach to your timesheet which are received by Talent payroll. A good example of this is if you have worked overtime – you can ensure that this is called out where relevant and Talent payroll will process consistent with the contractual arrangements established with each client.

Engage Timesheet 10

Allowances and expenses

On Engage you have the ability to complete an expense claim. You should ensure that your expense claim is approved before entering into Engage, and also ensure that your entries in Engage match what your approver has signed off.

  1. Click on the “+” button to add a new expense
  2. Enter the corresponding data into each cell
  3. Upload your receipt (where required) from your drive by clicking on the “Add file” button.
  4. You will see the file name underneath the section once it has been uploaded.

Engage Timesheet 11