The technology world is no longer solely a man’s domain. Here are four women making particularly exciting waves in the technology world.


Isabelle Olsson
While she might not be a household name just yet, Isabelle Olsson’s work on Google’s revolutionary Google Glass optical mounted head display may one day be regarded as nothing short of revolutionary.
As Lead Industrial Designer on the Google Glass project, Olsson has taken responsibility for making Glass not just functional but also fashionable. She’s helped pull Glass out of the realm of sci-fi and into the world of high fashion and could well be a key figure in turning this potentially game-changing device into a household commodity.

Anda Gansca and Stephanie Volftsun
Think of social media trend setters and the names that come to mind are decidedly male – Zuckerberg, Dorsey and Anderson, to name a few. However, Anda Gansca and Stephanie Volftsun are breaking the mould in that respect, with the launch of a new smart phone app and communication platform titled ‘Knotch’.
Knotch is attracting some serious attention in the technology world. According to Sarah Mitroff of Wired, Knotch is “unique in the crowded world of opinion-funneling apps” simply because it allows users to display and express a wider and more interesting variety of feelings.

Torie Chilcott
Torie Chilcott has her roots in reality television, having worked on the American Idol series as well as the Bafta-nominated The Farmer Wants a Wife. Since then, she has gone on to make huge strides in the technology world, serving as co-founder of Rockabox Media – a groundbreaking video content creation and distribution service.
Chilcott is being recognised for her efforts as well. She’s been nominated for the Innovator of the Year award at this year’s everywoman in Technology Awards, which was introduced as a way of celebrating those women making great progress in a traditionally male-dominated field.