While getting a job interview is a great achievement, it’s just the start of the journey. Here are three tips to help you get through the first round of interviews.


So, after hours of preparation perfecting your CV, arranging your references and conjuring up answers to everything from the most basic to the most testing interview questions, you’ve finally got a call.

Unfortunately, it isn’t quite time to celebrate yet. While securing an interview is a positive step in the right direction, it’s the beginning of the journey, rather than the destination.

It’s rare that a hiring process will involve only one round of interviews, so you need to get through this first test before focusing on the upcoming role.

Those who have made it this far before will be aware of the challenges it brings, with the pressure of the interview room a far cry from calmly applying for jobs at home. Here are three tips to help get you through:

1. It’s about more than just skills

Chances are there are a number of other candidates who have applied for the same role and posses similar skills. Whether they studied the same courses at university or worked jobs in the same vein, you need to stand out from the rest.

Remember that companies don’t just want someone who can do the bare minimum required by a role. Candidates need to fit in with the company culture so hiring managers can be sure they’ll get on with the rest of the team.

2. Don’t seem desperate

Whether you’re looking for your first proper job or pursuing a much-needed career change, there is often an air of desperation that can become apparent to interviewers.

This can hurt your chances of getting through to the next round of interviews regardless of whether you meet other criteria for the role. After all, employers would rather hire someone who wants their specific role, instead of someone desperate for any job at all.

3. It’s not all about you

It’s a job interview, not a job interrogation. Have a conversation with the interviewer and discover how you can benefit their business and vice versa.

Companies are reluctant to hire staff that are only interested in themselves, so ensure you communicate how your employment will bring value to the business.

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