Working as a technology leader in one of the most competitive job markets is a huge responsibility. It’s up to you to recruit, retain, develop and lead the most remarkable team possible. With technology talent driving innovation and business transformation, this is no mean feat. Add the digital skills gap into the mix, and the task can seem gargantuan.

With tech candidates often receiving multiple job offers from different companies at once, hiring companies are competing with one another to secure the best talent.

In this candidate-driven market, hiring managers need to go the extra mile. Here are some key ideas to consider when recruiting tech talent.

Provide career development opportunities

According to a study by Mercer, 78% of employees would stay with an employer longer if they were provided with a clear career plan. This is backed up by research from LinkedIn which revealed the main reason someone leaves a company and the main reason someone joins are the same: career opportunity.

If you show you are committed to investing in employee development, people will feel more inspired and engaged in the workplace and will want to stay longer.

Make work more meaningful

Research shows that techies want to work on something that matters. This is especially true of millennials – six out of ten chose employers based on their sense of purpose. The more a company can show they have a clear view of where they want to be, the more new recruits can see themselves playing a role in driving that success.

This means employees are more committed and passionate, and as a result bring greater clarity, drive and happiness. Employees want more than bonuses, stock options or a fancy job title – they want to make a difference.

Develop the right team culture

It’s important to focus on creating a team culture that advances employees from within. Not only will this lead to greater engagement and retention, it will also help keep the company’s leadership pipeline full of strong candidates.

Nurturing employees for promotion means helping them develop in-demand skills and empowering them to gain hard and soft skills. This also helps inspire tech professionals as they work alongside people they can gain experience and wider knowledge from.

Keep up with cutting-edge technology

With so much innovation coming out of the technology sector, tech professionals are constantly looking to advance their skills and work with the latest technology. Forward-thinking companies – ones that are looking ahead for ways to improve and keep up to date with the latest tools and tech –will keep things fresh and more exciting for employees.

If a candidate has the option to work with either a five-year-old tech stack or the latest tools and technology, it’s not hard to guess which they will prefer.

Think about incentives and perks

It may be the projects and company culture that initially attract tech candidates to a role, but it’s the perks that often make them want to stay. People like to feel their hard work is appreciated and that their bosses respect their life outside of work too.

From Google and Netflix’s generous maternity and paternity packages to Salesforce’s paid volunteer time, some big brands take workplace incentives very seriously. Your company might not be in a position to offer this level of perks, but flexible working opportunities and extended annual leave will not go unnoticed.


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