Startup companies are an important feature of the IT industry. What do the next generation of candidates need to know about these businesses?


Candidates that are new to the workforce have a range of different paths to take to progress their career. While some may dream of working their way through the larger organisations dominating the industry, recent trends reveal this isn’t the only option.

The IT industry is evolving as one that is increasingly welcoming towards smaller startup companies that pride themselves on being innovative and disrupting traditional technology uses. For many jobseekers, the appeal of these businesses will be too great to resist.

However, while most people are familiar with the tips and tricks for recruitment success within established organisations, how many are aware of how these trends change for startup companies?

Small startups demand talent

The good news for candidates is that many of the challenges affecting recruiting trends for larger organisations are also impacting startups. According to a report from LinkedIn, small businesses are also struggling to secure talent in high-demand markets.

This continued challenge to mitigate the effect of skills shortages can benefit candidates, raising their value in the job market, provided they can meet these demands.

The LinkedIn report also found that small businesses are also much more partial towards hiring younger employees than other organisation, marking them as the perfect opportunity for recent graduates to start their career. However, LinkedIn also notes this is one of the most competitive talent pools.

Embrace the community

Few startups exist in solitary. The rising interest in startup hubs and the cities that support these enterprises proves that the surrounding community is just as vital to the success of these businesses as their internal features.

This vibrant atmosphere means these communities are perfect for people looking to network and meet like-minded professionals. The receptive nature of startup hubs or other events means that budding professionals are never far from what could be the next big tech company.

Be aware of the startup environment

The nature of the various startup scenes around the world reinforce the value of location for these often volatile businesses. As these enterprises are based on disruptive ideals, not everyone will be comfortable pursuing these roles.

Sydney’s Tech Startups Action Plan, which seeks to make the city a more friendly environment for entrepreneurs, is proof of this, reaffirming the idea that people may have to move to pursue their dreams of working in a startup.

Startups are likely to continue to attract talent throughout 2016, so it’s important that budding candidates are aware of what takes to make their mark on these organisations.