Company culture can define a business. Its impact is felt throughout the entire organisation, from boosting staff satisfaction to helping recruit top talent. However, it can be difficult to know where to start – especially when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

The ideas surrounding company culture are one thing, the reality of creating a culture of inclusion are another. Here are five ways to ensure your company culture is happy, healthy and inclusive.

1. Establish values and commit to them

Every company needs a set of values that dictates how it operates and how its employees treat one another. In order for those values to succeed, a company needs to show it is committed to them. Communicate and re-communicate the wider purpose, making sure everyone understands and is engaged with creating a healthy company culture.

2. Lead from the top down

As with anything, creating a sense of belonging in the workplace begins at the leadership level. Unless diversity is a company goal, it won’t happen. With a business’ leadership team setting the tone, it’s easy to extend that attitude across the organisation.

Every leadership team should reflect a culture of inclusion, representing different backgrounds and perspectives. From managers to the CEO, leaders should model inclusive behaviour and empower team members at every level to contribute.

3. Recognise biases exist

Every one of us harbours a certain amount of bias. Often these biases are unconscious and do not represent who we are or who we want to be. What’s important is to acknowledge these biases exist and take the time to explore the ‘shortcuts’ that happen in our minds.

Businesses need to create a safe place (for example, training, workshops or one-to-one sessions) where everyone can recognise their own biases and work together to eliminate them.

4. Place culture at the centre of recruitment

Companies should take a closer look at their recruitment tactics, ensuring their approach to hiring fosters inclusion and diversity. Candidates must share a company’s values, meaning HR and hiring managers are at the frontline of protecting and fostering company culture

People tend to hire individuals like them so they feel comfortable and are rarely challenged. It’s human nature. But it’s good to remember that it takes less time to find a good fit than to repair the damage if you don’t.

5. Embrace all those glorious differences

It’s not easy disrupting the norm. Doing things the same way, with the same people is the easier option. But by acknowledging great ideas, showing how unique approaches add value to the team, and celebrating how diversity and inclusion impact creativity and engagement, the whole team can start to embrace their differences and use them for the good of the company.

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