Last week I shared with you my top three tips to help increase sales performance within your team.  If you missed out, here they are.

This week I will share with you my final recommendations for you to consider adopting into your business to help make you stand out and attract and retain the best talent.

10) Industry conferences and events

The most successful businesses tend to invest in conferences and events to promote their brand. This is not only important to create interest from potential clients, but it’s a method that can also attract candidates to your organisation. Even if you are a small start-up business, attending, organising or sponsoring events and conferences can be a fantastic way for a business to become an attractive and exciting prospect for a candidate.

11) Added extras

Consider doing some small things to celebrate your team, the little things can have a huge impact on performance and engagement. Acknowledging work anniversaries, celebrating the end of the year with a team party or providing group fitness training sessions are all ways organisations can create a feeling of engagement within their team. At Talent, we receive giant number balloons on our desk for each anniversary of our time at the company. It’s such a fun way to celebrate tenure and our team gets a real kick out of seeing the balloons around the office.

12) Think outside the box

Do something different! Candidates are often attracted to businesses that offer something others don’t. For instance, one of my clients offers free lunches every day to their team. Another client awards travel allowances and even days off to their top performing salespeople. Although an investment, these small initiatives go a long way to retaining great people.

I hope this series provided some beneficial recommendations to help you attract and retain top salespeople into your business. Incorporating some or all of these recommendations may give you the edge you need to stand out from the pack.


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