Last week I shared my recommendations relating to retaining top talent within your sales team, if you missed out you can read the article here:

This week I will share with you my top three tips to increase sales performance.

7) Incentivise and reward

All of the best sales teams I have encountered over the years have implemented a system which offers extra incentives and rewards for high performance. This can be in the form of gift cards, Gold Class movie vouchers, or end of quarter team outings, such as a team dinner or a boat cruise. The purpose and result of these incentives and rewards is to motivate high performers, and encourage team cohesiveness.

It’s also important to recognise performance verbally and openly in the office. Celebrating in the office when someone closes a sale is a great way to show appreciation, it also makes the team member who made the sale feel motivated to work harder and continue on with their successes. Presenting performance results to the entire team once a month or quarter is also important to recognise top performers and congratulate them among their peers. Don’t be afraid to be creative and personal, whether it’s champagne for the person who loves champagne, or movie vouchers for the team members who might want to take their kids to the movies.

It sounds simple, because it is, but it’s effective. If someone is doing a good job then recognise it, incentivise it and reward it!

8) Create an amazing culture

Sales teams can get lost in the numbers at times. It’s important to remember there are many things that contribute to performance and one of them is culture. Creating a strong company vision, and involving everyone in the organisation in this process will help your team commit to and connect with the purpose of the organisation. This goes a long way to developing a good company culture.

There are many initiatives companies can develop to contribute to their culture, it’s a huge topic, but sometimes it’s the small and easy to implement things that can make a big difference. At Talent, we have many activities and internal events to promote a team orientated environment. We run monthly birthday events in our breakout room, footy tipping competitions, and drinks from 4pm on a Friday, to name a few. We also hold themed nights and special events, Mardi Gras and OKtoberfest are two of my favourites.

A collaborative and fun working environment that your team members feel excited to be a part of, will generate a more productive and higher performing sales team.

9) Provide the necessary tools

It’s important to ensure that your sales team has the technologies they need to do their job most efficiently. Having access to all their devices, their CRM system and Outlook from anywhere and everywhere, is essential. These days a strong CRM tool is imperative to help your sales team manage relationships, look up, log and track data.


Next week I will share with you my final thoughts relating to attracting and retaining top talent and the extra things you can do to make this happen.