Last week I shared my top three tips to help you attract the right sales talent to your organisation, if you missed out please review here:

It goes without saying, businesses can’t stop at attracting quality talent, they must also focus on keeping them!

Here are my three recommendations for organisations to help them retain top talent without large budget outlays.

 4) Hiring the right managers

According The 2018 Employee Experience Report one of the most common causes of high attrition within the workplace is due to direct line managers. The report states a 70% variance in employee engagement scores caused by managers. So, hiring the right managers is essential. I often see high performing sales professionals quickly promoted into management roles without the relevant internal or external management training and tools, to ensure they are up for the task. I have also seen talented individuals promoted to manager positions because of their sales ability without considering if the individual wants to, or has the ability to be a manager. As I’m sure you know, the result of the wrong person in a management position is a decrease in employee engagement, attrition and revenue…

5)  Induction processes and training

I have seen many businesses expect new staff members to start their role with no induction or training. Just because the person has succeeded in their previous sales role, doesn’t mean they will naturally step into their new position and perform from day one. This can be due to a number of factors, for example the environment may be completely different and the KPI’s or expectations of the new role may be very different. The product or service they are selling will also most definitely be different in some way. I would recommend a formal induction program as well as internal and external training courses at various stages throughout the year.

Training can be used to narrow the skill gap of existing sales employees to increase revenue and performance, and it’s also a highly effective motivational tool. Some advanced sales courses my clients have recommended are Sandler training, Miller Heiman and Carman White

6) Creating opportunities

It is crucial to think about career-mapping and internal structures to ensure top performers are retained for the long-term. It’s not enough to increase sales targets and expect your team will be happy over the course of many years. Career-mapping can be as simple as a title change, increased responsibilities or a base salary increase every 12 months. A lot of businesses still don’t have formal reviews in place or any discussions at all around promotions or next steps within the business, should they perform. I would also recommend putting together transparent and visible progression maps that can be viewed on the office walls or via the company intranet.

Next week I will provide you with three steps you can implement to help increase sales performance.