Few job interview questions are more daunting than “Why should we hire you?” So what are the best ways of answering it to ensure you get the job?


Job interviews are filled with difficult questions as employers need to get a good idea of who they’re hiring. Some, however, trip up more candidates than others and require careful consideration to answer effectively.

It gets more challenging with open-ended questions, with the dreaded “Why should we hire you?” providing multiple ways to answer. But what is the best way to reply?

Elaborate and explain

No matter how good your CV is, it’s not enough to let it do the talking on its own. All answers in a job interview should be backed up with relevant examples as this gives your skills and experience context.

Simply saying “because I can do the job” is unlikely to get you anywhere. Instead, the start of a model answer should read “I can do the job because…”, which gives candidates the chance to explain the earlier statement.

If candidates choose to mention qualifications in their answer, they should be prepared to link them to parts of the job description that make them relevant. This gives value to a jobseeker’s academic achievements for the employer, and could help them stand out from other interviewees.

Understand the reason for the question

It’s important to realise why this question is being asked, as this then allows candidates to formulate a response that aligns with what the employer is looking for.

According to recruitment software provider Big Interview, candidates should note that nearly all of those who make it to the interview stage are qualified for the job on paper. This question gives them the chance to sell themselves to the interviewer, and hopefully separate their application from the rest.

Interviewers have a professional reputation to uphold when hiring staff, so it’s up to candidates to convince them they are the right fit for the role. If employers aren’t sure about the staff they’re recruiting, it could reflect badly on them in the future.

Be bold

This follows on from the above point as candidates looking to sell themselves will need confidence to be convincing. A LinkedIn piece from Liz Ryan, CEO and founder of Human Workplace, encourages candidates to not only be bold but also unique, as jobseekers who provide generic answers don’t go as far.

“They say nothing that every other candidate hasn’t already said, and worse, they aren’t true to themselves,” she said.

“Who gets hired, in the end? It’s the person who knows who he or she is.