If you are a seasoned IT professional, how can you use your years of experience in the tech sector to get ahead in your job search?


With viral success stories such as Mark Zuckerberg epitomising our understanding of today’s tech professionals, it’s no wonder that many assume the IT industry is the domain of the fresh-faced and green worker. But what if you’re an older, more experienced jobseeker? Could your years of employment history actually work against you in a sector that’s driven by the pursuit of the latest and greatest?

Well never fear – by understanding how to handle the recruitment process you can overcome any challenges with having too much experience and be well on your way to the next stage of your IT career. Here are three tips to help you out:

1. Refresh your technical skills

IT is a particularly fast moving industry, and much of the expertise that was vital just five short years ago is drastically different. No matter how long you’ve been working in the tech sector, it’s important that you continue to learn and update your skills. When you have a lot of experience, it can be easy to become complacent in your abilities –  but you can use your years of IT know-how to pick up new skills quickly and develop a full picture of past and present tech innovations.

2. Modernise your resume

If you’re been in the workforce for a while, in all likelihood your CV could use a good polish. While this is a must for any jobseeker, according to online resource eFinancialCareers this is particularly important when you have a lot of experience. You’ll need to sort through your work history, highlighting the experience that is relevant to the role you’re applying for and summarising as required. You should also make use of the advantages you have as a seasoned candidate, such as a strong network of professional connections in the IT industry to recommend you to recruiters and employers.

3. Clarify your priorities

Lastly, having been in the IT sector for a while, you may have a wide range of experience, or have specialised in a particular areas for a number of years. Either way, make sure you take time to refocus your goals so you can be clear about your interest in a job interview. By showing that you have a clear direction that you want to take your IT career next, you can give potential employers the confidence that you will be a good long-term investment.

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