Buck the trend by learning how to open your organisation to great female talent.

Talent is passionate about shaping the future of work and working with organisations that operate with a compassionate, equitable and ethical agenda. As part of this work we are approached by organisations globally that are looking to unleash the power of diversity within their business. Diversity can take many forms but one of the largest areas of imbalance amongst the tech sector is the split of male vs female talent.

It’s an issue that we are familiar with and we’ve been helping clients address this imbalance for many years and now we are delighted to share our experience and advice with the wider community, through our Gender Hiring Hacks!

These interactive workshop style events will explore 3 key functions of your hiring strategy and provide practical advice on changes that can be made to encourage and entice more female talent to your organisation. The 3 topics are:

  1. Advertising & Employer Brand – are you advertising in the right areas, are your adverts optimised to appeal to a wider, diverse audience? Common mistakes made in the advertising process.
  2. Candidate Selection– from CV shortlisting, to interview and feedback – what can be done to improve your selection criteria and increase your chances of landing the ideal candidate?
  3. Culture – a look at benefits and creating a culture that’s welcoming to all and helps diverse talent thrive.

Each session will be chaired by expert speakers. This event is recommended for Hiring Managers across any sector, strictly no recruitment consultants or agencies.

Register for free to our next Event // 1st April 2019 Birmingham (part of #Didfest 2019)

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