Tech contracting comes with greater flexibility and control over your work, making it an attractive prospect for many tech professionals. This doesn’t mean you can give yourself a holiday whenever you want, however. If you’re out of work for a while, it may make you less attractive to potential clients, and it can be harder to negotiate that higher wage bracket that was such a draw for getting into contracting in the first place. That said, it’s sometimes difficult to line up all your future work. How can a tech contractor find a job quickly?

contractor job fast and quickly

1) Keep a list of clients who give good references quickly

Perhaps even more than for permanent positions, references play a huge role in getting tech contractors their next job. Employers want to be able to have you on board as soon as possible, so keeping a list of previous clients that will provide you with positive references quickly¬†– and have done so in the past¬†– is essential. This will take away all the stress of searching around trying to find past clients’ contact details, and the swiftness with which you can provide your references will impress your potential employer.

2) Put your certifications in one easily accessible place

So much of tech work these days involves being highly skilled in a particular program or area. As employers won’t normally provide training for contractors, you’ll have to keep up your education yourself. If you have certificates from any courses you’ve undertaken, ensure these are all together and easily accessible so you can show potential clients at a moment’s notice.

Keep an up-to-date list of previous clients who will give you a positive reference quickly.

3) Keep a detailed list of past projects

While you’ll have your CV to show potential clients briefly what sort of projects you’ve worked on, it’s also a good idea to write a detailed summary of everything you did on any projects you’ve just finished. This should include any programs you worked on, any particular skills you used and any ideas that you brought to the table. With 87 percent of respondents to a Jobvite survey citing previous job experience as key in recruiting, this document is something you can show potential clients and use to refresh yourself of your experience when applying for jobs.

4) Keep in touch with clients and contractors

Networking is just as important for contractors as permanent employees. Make sure you keep in touch with past clients – they might have a job in the future that you’d be perfect for. Likewise, staying friendly with other contractors will mean that they might recommend you for a job if they’re too busy for it.

Another way to get a tech contracting job quickly is to use our Talent Engage portal. It allows you to create an online profile detailing your skills and availability, as well as submit timesheets from anywhere. Contact us today for more information.