Website-Article-Image---Rare-Birds-breakyGuests enjoy breakfast goodies and a chat before the presentation begins

Mornings at Talent International would never be regarded as average. This can especially be said for the morning that Jo Burston, Founder and Managing Director of Rare Birds presented the Talent Sydney office with her insights and wisdom.

The setting – Talent Sydney’s breakout space overlooking the picturesque Hyde Park with glimpses of Woolloomooloo and Kings cross over the peaks of St Mary’s Cathedral.

The spread – A selection of breakfast delights including bacon and egg on brioche, avocado with cherry tomato and fetta toast and the favourite for the morning – a barrister and coffee cart serving guests their caffeine hit for the morning, prepping them for the engaging session ahead.

The focus – Entrepreneurship vs Intrapreneurship. By the end of the session, we could all relate to both in some way or another.

Talent’s own star recruiter, Digital Account Manager Heidi Hawkins, hosted the event which sprung from an introduction to Jo via MD Richard Earl. Heidi has always been involved with networking groups in the area of professional development and believes in building relationships and being involved in activity that adds value to her candidates, clients and colleagues as well as gives her great satisfaction; a more social approach she has adopted over the years that she can incorporate into her life as a recruiter.

The format of the morning was a Q&A discussion between Heidi and Jo with engaging question time for those who wished to know more.

Website-Article-Image---Jo-Burston-and-HeidiJo answers questions from an intrigued and engaged audience

Here are some key learnings taken away from the morning spent with Jo Burston of Rare Birds:

Entrepreneur vs Intrapreneur? What is the difference?

While most of us know or have a fair idea of what attributes constitute an ‘Entrepreneur’; a person who has an appetite for taking risks to build business, innovates and chooses this particular path as a career, the term ‘intrapreneur’ is one that is not widely known or as common. Anyone can be an intrapreneur – as long as they have the drive, ambition and right mix of personality traits.

An intrapreneur could be any one of your colleagues. They could work within the realms of your organisation and harness their talent and creativity to innovate and generate ideas. “And when given the right nurturing environment, their capacity and talent will be multiplied”. Jo explained

Intrapreneurs don’t face the same risks as entrepreneurs because they operate within the grid of an existing organisation’s infrastructure. And if their efforts don’t serve them well, they will probably have the luxury of retaining their employment at the end of a hard day’s work . There is less liability for failure and endless opportunities for showing initiative and passion.

How do you promote an organisation of intrapreneurs? “Put it on the agenda and don’t wait for someone else to do it” Jo said. Creating an environment and community of intrapreneurs who want to be a part of your organisation is a key factor to consider in attracting and keeping talented individuals. And with talent retention appearing to be a challenge for businesses going forward, “Developing an environment for these intrapreneurs is essential to retaining talent within a business and that requires a business to create a specific space, reward risk, identify funding opportunities and grant independence to create a sustainable intrapreneurial environment” Jo reveals

Jo’s advice to Women (and men) – Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs take notice!

Jo shared some practical advice for those who are looking to increase their aptitude as entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs and strengthen relationships within their organisation:

The Rare Birds breakfast seminar was attended by some influential female senior executives working in companies such as M&C Saatchi, Ogilvy, Ebay, Hothouse and Lavender just to name a few. Clearly the executives enjoyed the morning and were able to take back to their workplaces the inspiration provided by Jo’s perspective and insights.

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