For businesses concerned about the growing shortage of specialised IT&T workers in certain areas, one solution could be to look out of state or overseas.


If there’s one thing that the IT&T recruitment sector will never be able to get enough of, it’s talent. As new technologies become more advanced and more powerful, businesses will need larger departments of specialists in fields as diverse as cybersecurity, communications and infrastructure support. While everybody knows that these roles will need to be filled over the next few years, there’s still a relative shortage across many of these specialisations.

The Silicon Valley method

As a result of this shortage, many are now turning to candidates from out of state or from overseas. This is a move right out of the Silicon Valley playbook, as shown by the latest data from the the Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies. According to this information, over 35 per cent of Silicon Valley residents were born outside of the United States, while over 60 per cent of employees in the region’s computing, mathematical, engineering and architecture positions are also foreign born.

So, if it worked in the the global hub of IT and technology, it can work right here in Australia!

Enticing the best workers

In cases where a specialist hole needs to be filled by an expert, and no suitable local candidates are available, hiring internationally can be a great tool for businesses. The first benefit is that recruiters will have a much larger pool of potential workers to choose from, and can find an expert with an extensive understanding of their field.

However, to entice the best employees, businesses will need to offer the right enticements, including a competitive salary and an engaging workplace with exciting projects. One way that Australian companies can gain an edge here is via visa sponsorship for skilled workers, which can be a big selling point for talented workers with multiple options.

Making use of remote workers or contractors

Another alternative in terms of attracting the best workers is to offer remote positions or employment on a contract basis. More and more, the modern workforce is becoming an environment where people can work from the comfort of their own homes (or countries) on a range of projects around the world. Engaging this extensive contractor network is a great way to fill gaps as they appear, and can ensure your business is agile enough to respond to any developments such as the identification of a cybersecurity risk.

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