Success in business is not just about financial performance. It’s about the impact, legacy and change we create both individually and collectively.

At Talent, I have been incredibly fortunate to work with exceptional people who possess great qualities and attributes which embody our brand and the vision for the future we are trying to create.

When I started Talent in 1995 in Perth, Western Australia from a home office and some spare change, it was launched with a belief that customers and candidates should be served in a better and more responsive way. I also believed that we could create a company that went beyond the normal boundaries in terms of its compassion and belief in people.

Since those early days, Talent has been on a journey of incredible growth and evolution – and I’m delighted to say that those original drivers are still in the cornerstone of what our brand represents.

During this time, we have seen Talent develop into a truly global business that has diversified into a number of areas such as Talent Unleashed, Talent RISE and Talent Engage. All of our initiatives were borne out of frustration with shortcomings we encountered – whether it was the lack of support in key areas for the start-up sector, poor customer service levels in the recruitment industry, or the unacceptable levels of capable young people going to waste. We will act where we see a need and will always look to unleash potential.

Taking time to reflect on our journey, our brand and our values is important. This is why each of our offices globally during November will be reconnecting at local team events where we focus on shaping the future our brand and how we all contribute to bring it to life.

Always striving for better, we have reshaped our values so they speak authentically to who we are as a business. At Talent, we:

This combined with a fresh look and feel we believe will drive us forward, setting the foundation for our next phase of growth.

At Talent our brand is so much more than just a logo and how we look. It’s a way of business, it’s how we act with each other and how we support our clients, candidates and those we work with…it’s how we break from the pack!


– Richard Earl, Talent Founder