Is the digital age changing how staff members engage with their workplace? Here are some easy ways you can use technology to help boost the happiness of your workforce.

digital and engagement in the workplace

1) Introduce peer recognition

A lack of recognition is one of the key contributors to poor workplace engagement. In fact, 90 per cent of respondents to a Globoforce survey said that a value-based recognition programme positively impacted engagement in the workforce.

We know it’s not always easy for managers and executives to be constantly giving feedback, especially when they’re slightly removed from the day-to-day operations of the business. However, you can use technology to implement peer recognition. Various work-based social networking platforms exist that allow employees to give shout outs to their colleagues, which will create a real feeling of positivity in the office.

2) Use technology to implement flexible working arrangements

Just under three quarters (72 per cent) of respondents to a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development survey reported that flexible working positively affects levels of employee engagement. And, in the digital age, flexibility is easier than ever to implement. All you need to do is use cloud software like Dropbox or Google Drive so employees can access important work documents wherever they are. These tend to be inexpensive and will really have an impact on the happiness of your staff.

3) Get genuine feedback

Just as you can use work-related social media sites for peer recognition, they are also a handy tool to get feedback on new ideas you’re thinking about implementing. Use a poll to see whether people think your new project will work, and ask for comments to find out why they think the way they do.

4) Communicate

It’s easy to feel disengaged if your manager never communicates with you. Emails and social media sites are one way to facilitate this, but don’t forget that face-to-face communication is always the best way to get your message across.

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