As the digital landscape evolves, there’s an imbalance between supply and demand for digital roles within tech start-ups. Here is what you need to know.

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So what are the digital roles most needed in the start-up space at the moment? And how can professionals leverage digital recruitment specialists’ advice to get their dream job? Here are some of our insights shared by Talent’s Head of Digital, Heidi Hawkins.

What are the most in-demand roles, jobs and skill sets?

The digital landscape provides start-ups with new opportunities for fast growth and global reach. However the reality is that many start-ups do face challenges in attracting the right skilled talent. Due to this imbalance in supply and demand for digital talent, it opens the door for a multitude of opportunities for enthusiastic tech and creative professionals looking to enter this exciting digital start-up space.

Heidi who works regularly with a diverse range of tech start-ups says the most in demand roles include “Developers (web, mobile and app), data scientists, UX, UI and CX, web analysts and strategists with both digital and data experience is where there is significant opportunities in the market.”

Individuals with a background in growth and marketing roles can find a niche in digital start-ups. “While there is an urgent need and focus on technical roles, I’m also finding a lot of tech start-ups don’t know how to market themselves and strategically grow their business” said Heidi. So there is immense opportunity for other professionals looking to be part of growing tech start-ups, with the ability to have real impact in their business working in a strategic role.

How can someone stand out from other candidates to get their dream role?

Heidi’s recommendations to candidates who want to differentiate themselves is “The key thing is that start-ups are looking for is people with both passion and intelligence. You want to really do your research on the business you’re applying for and the industry segment. After all, you’re likely to be talking directly with the founders about their business and ideas they have built themselves. Doing your research and bringing suggestions and ideas to the table shows you are proactive and passionate about the product or service, which will set you apart.”

She also emphasised that putting in the effort to go to meet-ups will improve your chances of building that all-important connections and network. The saying ‘your network is your net worth’ really comes into play with digital startups, as Heidi explained that normal recruitment processes don’t always apply.

“It all comes down to attitude and fire in the belly. You stand out if you have the drive and passion to really go for it and prove to the company that you want to be there on the journey to launching a new business.”

At Talent, we can help you make the right connections with digital start-ups. Our experience in the digital recruitment space gives you the ability to get a foot in the door in Australia’s fastest growing and most innovative start-up’s and do a job that you absolutely love.

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