A forecast from the Department of Employment brings good news for jobseekers, with opportunities in the IT industry expected to increase.


The Australian government’s Department of Employment (DoE) has released its annual report focusing on development within industries around the country.

It brings good news for people looking for jobs in the IT industry, with employment in the sector predicted to increase. This provides a positive outlook, which should promote further investment as well.

A forecast for growth

The department found that there has been an increase in employment throughout the industry in recent years, no doubt due to the increasing reliance on technology that businesses and people now have. This growth also coincides with other rising industry trends, with new technology such as cloud computing and big data beginning to take hold in other sectors, driving demand for IT professionals.

According to the report, the rise of employment opportunities for IT workers can be attributed in part to the diversity of the industry. With a wide variety of jobs available, there is plenty of room for jobseekers with a number of specialties, encouraging candidates to bring unique skill sets to the IT world.

Over the past five years, employment in the IT sector has increased by 2.8 per cent, resulting in an extra 5,900 jobs being filled. This growth is not only expected to continue, but should rise at an even higher rate for the next five years.

The DoE is predicting this rate will increase to 4 per cent. If this occurs, nearly 9,000 jobs will be created in the industry, creating a strong demand for IT workers.

Greater Sydney will host the highest concentration of these new positions, with the DoE predicting just over a third (34 per cent) to present themselves there.

Government commitments

For this growth to eventuate, the industry needs to be supported by other sectors that use its services, as well as regulatory bodies. The government is in a prime position to facilitate growth for the IT industry, with its ability to roll out large scale projects and ensure that legislation is not inhibiting expansion.

This commitment has been illustrated by the ICT Statistics Review, a project involving the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Department of Communication.

The plan is to use the project to foster Australia’s digital economy while improving the quality of data available in e-Government processes. ICT’s role in the public space will also be reviewed after investigating how statistics from the industry are affecting social and economic wellbeing.