Cyber security professionals are in huge demand as businesses try to shore up their networks amid the increasing menace of threats. However, demand is outstripping supply, with three-quarters of UK CIOs worried they will face more security threats in the next five years as a result of the shortage in IT security talent, as per research from last year.

That concern appears well-founded. Security software firm A10 Networks predicts that more “upstream” attacks on the Internet will take place in 2017.

“If you’re an enemy of someone who depends on the Internet for business or commerce, last year it was shown that if you upstream a little bit and launch a crafted Denial of Service attack, you can bring down large provider websites and infrastructure,” Chase Cunningham, A10’s director of cyber operations, told TechNewsWorld.

“In 2017, we’re going to see more upstream attacks, and DDoS is going to make a comeback as a cyberweapon,” Cunningham said. “We’re going to see a powerful denial of service attack on something that will cause problems for a national infrastructure.”

Other interesting predictions gleaned by TechNewsWorld from security experts include a warning for Apple computer users that they will no longer be insulated from malicious activity in 2017.

Trend Micro highlights how the number of zero day vulnerabilities – flaws unknown to researchers until malicious actors exploit them – totalled 50 for Apple in 2016, doubling from the 25 seen in 2015.

Hackers will also become increasingly interested in Adobe, the firm predicts, based on the 135 zero day vulnerabilities that were unearthed in 2016, as “criminals go where consumers and enterprises are”.

The other predictions made by the experts are likely to have less impact on enterprises but are interesting regardless. Strategic Cyber Ventures predicts that geopolitics will be the “harbinger” for cyberattacks in 2017, while disillusioned American voters will also become more inclined toward hacktivism, it anticipates.

That demand for cyber security professionals is showing no signs of diminishing, then.

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