Fuelling high growth with
business-critical candidates

  • Client
    Seven Network
  • Industry
  • Location
    Sydney, Australia
  • Projects
    Embedded Recruitment
  • 100% of roles filled ahead of schedule

    Across permanent, contract, and fixed term hiring needs
  • Increased efficiency

    Outperformed the time to fill SLA by more than 20%
  • Covered all tech and digital hiring

    Across UX, Scrum and Development

Their story

Seven is Australia’s leading broadcast network and is part of Seven West Media. Seven West Media is one of Australia’s most prominent media companies, reaching more than 19 million people a month with a market-leading presence in content production across broadcast television, publishing and digital.

With Seven expanding its national teams at a rapid pace, the need for top tech talent both at a small and large level was crucial for their growth. With a lack of capacity within the existing Talent Acquisition function, Seven called on Talent Solutions and their knowledge of the hiring market and relationships with candidates within the marketplace to fill these hard-to-place roles.

The challenge

Despite a candidate-short market, the Seven Network was in the midst of business-critical projects that were requiring timely fulfilment of many niche and highly technical roles.

With the growth of the business, there was a lack of capacity within the existing Talent Acquisition function and an absence of the required recruitment expertise internally to fill these roles.

The hiring plan

Sourcing skilled candidates in this market was the biggest priority with a focus on proactively headhunting candidates. The team at Talent Solutions were rapidly deployed in an onsite/offsite delivery model and had the right sourcing tools, an extensive database and network allowing this to come to life.

Being strong brand ambassadors was a requirement from the Seven Network when speaking with Talent Solutions, and that any team member that was speaking with candidates represented the brand accordingly.

Transparent reporting was introduced on the progress of roles which was extremely beneficial to the team.

The result

All roles were filled ahead of schedule across permanent, contractor and fixed term hiring needs. Talent Solutions outperformed the time to fill SLA by more than 20% with a cost saving of over $60,000.

Throughout the time period, Seven’s ATS went down with Talent Solutions stepping in swiftly to mitigate the impact of this.

  • "Talent has met our expectations, exceeding SLAs despite some demanding skillsets and have additionally been responsive and adaptable as our partnership has matured.”
    Human Resources Partner
    Seven Network, Australia

Driving change with Hitachi

  • Client
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Projects
    Contract and permanent recruitment
  • World-first

    Leading recruitment supplier for a world-first automated train management system.
  • Building teams for the future

    Talent added 100+ contractors and 100+ permanent employees to Hitachi’s leading project teams. 
  • Longevity

    Multiple projects supported since 2018

Our partnership

Talent partnered with Hitachi (formerly Ansaldo). Hitachi Rail is the pioneer of autonomous train technology and are working towards a fully automatic train running on open railway networks by 2025. Continuing their commitment to freight solutions designed for the future.

We supported Hitachi on a world-first global train automation project, which included sourcing international candidates and their relocation.


Their story

Hitachi Rail are investing in new digital and data capabilities; embedding these across their organisation, and striving for pioneer status.

Talent has played a pivotal role in Hitachi Rail’s projects by providing industry-leading recruitment services and resources. Our collaboration began with the recruitment of over 100 contractors and 100 permanent employees for Hitachi.

Their needs

We have supported Hitachi and its partners resource technical talent for various projects across the resources and rail industry. Talent supplies reliable and capable team members who can contribute to the design, supply, installation, and commissioning of complex systems. Our Australian teams’ expertise in recruiting highly skilled professionals is essential to meet the demands of Hitachi and their collaborators in the railway transport and rail transport systems sector.

Our solution

Talent has consistently delivered outstanding solutions to meet Hitachi’s needs. We have successfully recruited for Hitachi’s projects, including the ground-breaking automated train management system, which involved a $317.5 million contract.

Talent’s involvement has grown to include high-profile projects at Hitcachi client sites, such as FMG, Chevron, and BHP. Through our comprehensive recruitment process and industry expertise, Talent ensures that Hitachi has access to the skilled workforce required to drive innovation and excellence in the rail transport industry.

We supply experts in:

  • Digital
  • Technology
  • Project controls
  • Engineering
  • Professional services

Fuelling excellence at BHP

  • Client
  • Industry
    Energy & Resources
  • Location
  • Projects
    Contract recruitment

Our partnership

BHP, a renowned global resources company, has consistently proven its position as a leader in the industry, driving social and economic impacts through its commitment to innovation and excellence. With a rich history dating back to its establishment in the late 19th century, BHP has continuously evolved, achieving remarkable success and solidifying its reputation as an industry giant.

Talent has been a key technology recruitment provider to BHP since 2006. Our expertise in sourcing and supplying skilled professionals, along with our focus on enhancing recruitment outcomes resulted in improved hiring practices, reduced project delays, and cost savings for BHP.

Their story

In late 2006, BHP engaged Talent to improve their hiring activities. We’ve been a vital partner in many of BHP’s high-profile projects, providing approximately 165 contract staff, covering a wide range of mining professionals.

 They wanted to find a partner who could:

  • Help improve recruitment outcomes
  • Focus on gender equity and workforce diversity
  • Provide market insights and be a trusted advisor
  • Improve contractor wellbeing

Their needs

With a high-focus on gender equity and workforce diversity, BHP needed a recruitment partner with access to broad range of highly skilled, active and passive professionals to overcome the challenges they faced, including project delays and excessive spending. 

BHP have acknowledged Talent as a valued partner and trusted advisor specifically across contractor care, welfare and professional development.

Our Solution

Our ongoing partnership has allowed BHP to access high-quality talent across Australia, supporting their business objectives.

We’ve helped BHP with ICT & Digital and Project Control roles:

  • Software developers
  • Integration leads
  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • Data architects
  • Scrum masters
  • Purchasing officers
  • Category procurement specialists
  • Project planners
  • Project support officers

Strong trust leads to consistent success

  • Client
    Tataki Auckland
  • Industry
    Local Government
  • Location
    Auckland, New Zealand
  • Projects
    Permanent recruitment
  • A 9-month recruitment process

    As requirements were specific, the recruitment process spanned 9 months and averaged 1-2 placements per month.
  • Purpose-driven candidates

    Talent made sure candidates were 100% on board with the Tataki AUL journey – ensuring they had an understanding in Te Ao Māori, as well as development in the Auckland tourism industry.
  • Consistent communication

    We ensured Tātaki Auckland were kept up to date throughout the process as a key requirement for our services.

Their story

Tātaki Auckland Unlimited is Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland’s economic and cultural agency committed to making the region a desirable place to live, work, visit, invest and do business.

As an Auckland Council-controlled organisation, they deliver a coordinated, region-wide programme to maximise cultural, social and economic benefits for residents and visitors.

Home to some of the region’s most beloved arts, cultural, conservation and heritage institutions, they enhance Auckland’s cultural vibrancy, providing a wealth of enriching experiences and opportunities; and tell Auckland’s story to the world.

The principle of kotahitanga – one shared purpose – drives their commitment to partnership with the wider Auckland Council whanau, and a diverse range of public and private sector organisations.

They contacted Talent to help find team members that were 100% onboard with the Tataki AUL journey, and more importantly had an understanding and interest in Te Ao Māori and for the development in the AKL tourism industry.

Their challenge

The biggest challenge they were facing was getting the right balance of technical and personal skills which complimented each one of the new / existing team members.

Culture was extremely important as well as finding people that would want to be on the journey with them.

Quality over quantity was key.

Our solution

The Auckland Talent team has a strong understanding of the local market and a large database of candidates built up over time. Not every candidate was shortlisted as there was a specific criteria that we needed to adhere by. 

Those who were interviewed, Talent made sure were 100% on board with the Tataki AUL journey, they had an understanding and interest in Te Ao Māori and for the development in the AKL tourism industry.

Tataki wanted to be kept updated throughout the process and where every candidate was at with other interviews which we made sure of.

The recruitment process happened over 8-9 months, with an average of 1-2 placements per month.

Due to the strength of this relationship and the deep understanding of the requirements, Talent hit 100% of the target. 

  • Talent International have always had our organisation's best interests as a guiding principle of how we work together as a team. Their talented team of professionals are engaged problem solvers that take on finding the right person for the role with passion. To date, my experience with Talent International has always been one of trust, ease and confidence. I thank the Talent International team for helping me find and employ amazing people over difficult economic times worldwide.
    Mitchell Wong
    Head of Digital Products
    Tātaki Auckland Unlimited

Finding candidates with the right values

  • Client
  • Industry
  • Location
    Sydney, Australia
  • Projects
    Permanent recruitment
  • 100% hiring rate

    Adthena have filled 100% of their hiring requirements for the financial year through Talent.
  • 100% success

    Adthena have had 100% success rate with new starters hired by Talent.
  • Sales specialization

    Adthena was drawn to Talent’s established sales specialization which had been highly recommended by their network.

Their story

Founded in 2012, Adthena is a market-leading intelligence platform for paid search advertising. With locations in Australia, the US and the UK, Adthena’s patented technology enables enterprise search marketers to understand their paid search landscape as a whole and acquire customers using insights about their competitors.

They have a unique combination of competitive analysis, strategic insights, and a team of experts that helps brands, marketers, and agencies dominate their competitive landscape.

Their primary product is their people. Their energy, enthusiasm, experience and all-round excellence means they’re trusted by clients. They believe in doing things the right way, treating people with kindness, respect, empathy and understanding. Positivity and progression, as well as diversity and inclusion, are the lifeblood of the business. They share their successes and learn from their mistakes.

Finding talent that fit these values was crucial and one bad hire could threaten to upset the culture they have built on autonomy, trust and passion for the product and customers.

Adthena Vice President, Steve Anderton, gave us a call.

Their needs

Amidst a period of strong growth, the Adthena sales and customer teams in APAC had experienced a few key departures.  With culture critical, the team were struggling to find the right people through existing networks and suppliers.

ANZ Vice President, Steve Anderton, wanted to ensure he found the right people who fit their values. 

“Our culture is built on autonomy, trust and passion for our product and customers. One bad hire could threaten to upset this and we couldn’t afford to get it wrong,” – Steve Anderton, Vice President, ANZ, Adthena 

Our solution

In addition to an extensive network and ability to source candidates, Adthena was drawn to Talent’s established sales specialization which had been highly recommended by their network.

Our team spent time evaluating Adthena’s entire hiring process, and understanding exactly what they were looking for. 

“We discussed their interview process and worked back from their idea of an ideal candidate which allowed us to identify key characteristics that would work in their environment. We also discussed what didn’t work at Adthena which was equally important in understanding what potential red flags may look like,” – Tom Mackenzie, Principal Consultant, Talent International 

Once an ideal profile was established, a screening process was designed that allowed Talent to quickly identify candidates that would be a match to Adthena’s requirements.

This process included:

  • Building out the ideal candidate profile together with Adthena.
  • Mapping interview questions to the ideal profile and cultural requirements.
  • Running 1:1 interviews with candidates before shortlisting our top candidates.
  • Managing the feedback directly with the candidates, alleviating this task from Adthena’s end.
  • Maintain consistent communication with candidates until their first day, ensuring they are well informed about what to expect on day 1 to minimise risk of dropouts.
  • Post-placement care including quarterly and half yearly check ins.
  • I have been extremely impressed by Talent’s consistency and their adherence to our requirements. Their ability to understand our culture, our values and attitudes and then translate that into appropriate, good-fit candidates has been exceptional.
    Steve Anderton
    Vice President, APAC

Selling social to digital natives for a rapidly growing business

  • Client
    Social Meteor
  • Industry
  • Location
    Perth, Australia
  • Projects
    Permanent recruitment
  • Completed 90% of hires within 1/3 of the time required

    Social Meteor gave us a 6-week deadline to fill the roles. We did 90% of the work within the first 2-4 weeks.
  • Competitive market

    We developed a comprehensive strategy to attract and recruit top talent in a highly competitive market. 
  • A smooth onboarding process on top

    As well as hiring, we were responsible for a smooth onboarding process so that new team members could hit the ground running as soon as possible.

Their story

Social Meteor is a boutique creative agency, providing end-to-end digital advertising and content strategy for clients.

They use a range of advertising and content strategies with a focus on social media. Instead of adding ‘social media’ at the end of a long-winded list of digital capabilities, they believe that a social media marketing strategy should be every modern brand’s first priority when it comes to connecting with its audience.

With increased demand for their products and services, Social Meteor faced the challenge with upscaling their team at a fast-paced rate within a demanding and saturated Perth market.

They wanted to find top talent and have a streamlined process for recruiting and onboarding new team members. That’s where Talent came in.

Their needs

Having been successful in acquiring a range of new clients and facing an increased demand for their products and services, Social Meteor faced the challenge to upscale their team at a fast-paced rate within a demanding and saturated Perth market. Finding top talent and expanding their team quickly was crucial to keep up with rising demand, and continue delivering high-quality products and services to their clients.

Not only were we hiring roles, but we were also responsible for delivering a smooth onboarding process too.

Our solution

We approached this challenge by working internally with Social Meteor to understand their specific needs and requirements. From there, we developed a comprehensive strategy to attract and recruit top talent.

The solution we implemented included targeted recruiting efforts on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as email campaigns to reach top talent in a the market. We also implemented a comprehensive onboarding process to ensure that new team members were able to hit the ground running and start contributing to the business as soon as possible.

Our timeline was 6 weeks from start to finish with 90% of the work done within the first 2-4 weeks. This enabled Social Meteor to meet the demands of their clients with highly skilled additions to their team. Additionally the onboarding process resulted in an enhancement in the quality of services.

  • Andrew exceeded our expectations in every way. He took the time to truly understand our business and the type of employee we were looking for. As a result, he was able to present us with a pool of highly qualified candidates that perfectly matched our needs. Andrew's professionalism and efficiency made the recruitment process a breeze and he truly went above and beyond. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for exceptional talent.
    Benjamin Hardy
    Creative Director
    Social Meteor
  • Working with Andrew from Talent was a game changer for our company. He quickly understood our specific needs and was able to find the perfect candidates to fill our open positions. Andrew's attention to detail and dedication to finding the best fit for our team helped to solve all of our recruitment problems. We will definitely continue to work exclusively with him and highly recommend him to anyone in need of top-notch talent.
    Luke Whelan
    Managing Director
    Social Meteor

Finding perm and contract consultancy talent

  • Client
  • Industry
    Digital Products
  • Location
  • Projects
    Finding consulting talent
  • 33 contract hires

    We used all the tools in our arsenal to guarantee that the best contract talent was being found using local and national talent community building, networking and referrals, market mapping, strategic headhunting and targeted advertising campaigns.
  • 8 permanent hires

    We made sure to find the best and most suitable perm hires that had all the skills needed in a product management and digital design space.
  • Building partnerships

    We talk to them around 3-4 times per week to advise, support and consult them on management decisions with contract staff.

Finding Consultancy Expertise… FAST

Presence is a digital product consultancy who work with mission-led organisations committed to helping the world become a better place. 
Their expertise is in design, development, product management and emerging technologies. As they grow and win new projects, multidisciplinary experts are needed to deliver high-quality, reliable and sustainable solutions for their clients. 

But such talent is hard to find and even harder to attract as consulting firms battle it out to secure the best candidates in the market. With no in-house recruiting team and a time-short CTO finding themselves more and more responsible for the hiring process, Presence needed a reliable talent partner who could hire permanent and contract experts quickly.

This is no easy task, but we were sure with our quality ways of working and network of quality candidates that we were up to the task. Here’s how we helped them…

How we helped Presence save time and win more projects…

Consultative partner.

Presence has quickly become one of our best friends – we talk to them around 3-4 times per week to advise, support and consult them on management decisions with contract staff. 

We have helped them structure T’s & C’s and billing processes with new clients, been a listening ear during challenging times, provided reassurance on all things talent-related and supported with process design.

Interview support.

Fundamental to the success of Presence is their quality-driven, collaborative team who work together to deliver the best possible solution for their clients. We needed to ensure that every candidate shortlisted would be aligned with Presence’s ethos. 

We encouraged candidates to talk candidly about the challenges they faced, the types of projects they enjoyed working on, the things they didn’t like so much about their job, what their learning and development needs were, how they collaborated with others and anything else that would help us determine whether they would be the right fit. 

Bid confidence.

Presence is one of our clients who rely heavily on new talent to deliver high-profile projects for their customers. They are a growing company with a strong reputation to maintain and need to be certain they will have the right people, at the right time – without fail. 

Because of our history of attracting great talent to Presence, they came to trust our ability to quickly mobilise teams which gave them the confidence to bid for new projects. One of these required us to build a team of 14 engineers. This campaign became our highest priority. We took a whole team approach and had a shortlist sent over within 48 hours of briefing.

Finding the talent.

To help Presence identify and attract a diverse selection of candidates, we needed to ensure our approach to talent attraction was broad and inclusive. Presence asked us to hire for strategic permanent and contract roles, with skills across multiple tech stacks and specialisms needed.

With a major initiative to build a truly diverse workforce, Presence needed us to use our knowledge and network to create candidate attraction initiatives that were fully inclusive and would result in a broad, unbiased shortlist.

We used all the tools in our kit to ensure no stone is left unturned. This included:

  • Local and national talent community building, networking and referrals
  • Market mapping and strategic headhunting
  • Targeted advertising campaigns
  • Community partnerships that support DE&I initiatives
  • Social media engagement
  • Database search
  • Blogs/individual content engagement
  • Events & meetups attendance

Improving the candidate experience increases hires…

Maintaining candidate engagement in a fast-paced market is challenging enough – good candidates know their value and often won’t do coding challenges. Presence was losing out simply because candidates felt disengaged with the two-hour coding assessment they had to complete – other companies were snapping the talent up quickly. 

We helped them re-design the process to include a screen share live code review within the 2nd stage interview which helped them stay engaged with the candidates and gave candidates the opportunity to discuss their strengths and training needs with their future employer.

  • Talent is such a fantastic recruiter. They are always responsive and happy to jump on the phone on short notice. They ask very smart and insightful questions to make sure they understands our hiring needs. Talent does a great job of finding us quality people. Most importantly, the people working for Talent are great at communication. Every interaction with them is professional, friendly, and honest. I trust that they will represent our needs to potential candidates. I would gladly work with Talent again.