Helping a Microsoft Gold Partner secure top Azure & M365 Professionals

  • Client
    Crayon Software Experts, USA
  • Industry
  • Location
    North America
  • Projects
    M365/ Azure, Contract recruitment
  • Contract placements powering teams the first week

    The hired team of Azure & Microsoft 365 professionals were powering teams from day one, helping Crayon lead and deliver business-critical digital transformation projects.
  • Becoming a sole Microsoft supplier

    For Crayon through niche market mapping.
  • Ready at a moment’s notice

    To equip teams with the right resources to chase new projects.

Here’s how Talent became the sole Microsoft recruitment supplier for Crayon, US.

Crayon Software Experts, a leading Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud MSP, was faced with increasing business demands and a tight timeline to finish revenue-generating projects. After a large merger, resulting in a major M365 & Azure digital transformation, they quickly needed to migrate a large clients together. When time was of the essence, Crayon turned to Talent’s Microsoft Team to help expand their teams so they could maintain their competitive edge.

Crayon’s FTE team was already fully billable, yet they needed a couple of Azure/M365 professionals to begin leading this project in only a week’s notice. We delivered and provided candidates who started only a week later, allowing Crayon to stay on time, and have a team that powered projects on day one. After placing a couple of Modern Workplace and Azure security professionals, they continued to use our Microsoft Team to deliver exceptional talent for their Data/AI business.

Crayon needed confident contract employees that could hit the ground running on business-critical projects.

For Crayon, it was hard to find professionals with the right Azure technical skills who also maintained strong client-facing abilities. Without Talent’s network and expertise, Crayon faced an uphill battle finding the ideal Azure talent. Talent took time to understood both needs for Crayon, and delivered the solutions at speed.

Crayon was impressed at how quickly our contract solutions could assimilate and immediately go on project, meaning they didn’t lose time or money. With more projects in the pipeline, Crayon engaged Talent to source additional contractors to power their projects. With 30+ years of expertise, our Microsoft team at Talent has a proven track record of helping Microsoft partners achieve project goals. Through referrals, expansive networks, market knowledge, and reputation, we have established relationships with the top contractors in the US, allowing us to ultimately secure 14 contract resources in less than 12 months to power Crayon’s project & support needs.

Constant communication and exceptional contractor care goes a long way, which is how we’ve become the sole Microsoft supplier for Crayon US and continue to act as an existing delivery arm for the business. Weekly updates for each Hiring Manager and many calls with contractors, provided the team with open communication and honest feedback throughout the entire interview and onboarding process. This has built a great existing relationship with Crayon, as they continue to retain top contractors and continues to keep their business ahead of the competition.


Roles we placed:

  • Azure Data and AI Architects & Engineers
  • Modern Workplace/M365 Migration Leads & Consultants
  • Azure Infrastructure and Security Architects & Engineers
  • Azure EMS Consultants
  • Microsoft Help Desk Support

Want to learn more about how you can retain and attract top Azure contractors? Let’s strategize about your hiring plans!

  • I've been working with Talent's Microsoft Team for several years in various capacities. Each time I've had a need for top-of-the-line engineering talent on short notice, Dylan Cohen and his team have been the first and last person I've needed to call. Talent has done a phenomenal job connecting us with high-level Microsoft Architects and Consultants for our client's business critical delivery needs. Prior to this, we were having trouble hiring top level talent with strong client facing ability; after bringing Dylan in as our preferred Microsoft Staffing Partner, we were able to quickly assign the right resources to our client's projects in record time. This gave our team more confidence to go out and win new projects knowing we can turn to Talent to quickly deliver the exact type of profile the client needed. I can't overstate the impact of working with Dylan and his team, and I've been fortunate to have him only a phone call away.
    Cory Aurandt
    Director of Microsoft Cloud Practice

Finding & Attracting Top MS Dynamics Talent

  • Client
  • Industry
    Microsoft Dynamics Partner
  • Location
    North America
  • Projects
    D365 Finance and Operations AX
  • 14 Permanent Dynamics Hires

    Talent’s NYC team of Microsoft experts who hired 14 Dynamics professionals. These hires included D365 Finance & Operations (F&O) Consultants, F&O Architects, Business Central (BC) Consultants, and Dynamics Team Leaders.
  • Reducing hire time from 2 months to 3 weeks

    We designed an interview process which was quick and effective in a competitive market so Encore didn’t miss out on the best candidates.
  • Market mapping that matters

    With their knowledge of the niche candidate market, our Microsoft team was able to map out detailed competitor analysis to uncover key focuses.

Helping a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner  find & attract top MS Dynamics talent

Encore has a core focus in ERP, CRM, Power Platform & Azure. When they needed to scale in the US Market, they called Talent’s team of Microsoft Experts in NYC to help. Compared to their decades of success in Canada, Encore’s presence in the US employer market was fairly small, so they needed a recruitment partner to help them source, attract and retain exceptional talent for business critical roles within their Dynamics consultancy teams. 

Since May 2021, we have helped Encore build a team of Dynamics experts across North America for projects within supply chain and financial services and continue to support their strategic growth strategy over the coming years. 


With 7 years dedicated to the MS Dynamics market, Talent’s Dylan Cohen was the perfect person to help Encore make a name for themselves as an employer of choice

His reputation in the market has become invaluable – candidates trust him and when he contacts them to discuss a role, they usually want to hear about it whether they are looking or not. This is because, over the years he has taken the time to understand their ambitions, their pain points and why they might jump at the chance to work with a brilliant scaling company like Encore. Dylan was able to quickly showcase Encore’s employer brand proposition, becoming a strong brand ambassador in a competitive employer marketplace.

Market Intelligence​

With their knowledge of the niche candidate market, our Microsoft team was able to quickly map out the who’s who of the industry through detailed competitor analysis, his own well-established network and regular engagement in the community through sources like the NAV User Group and membership with the IAMCP. 

We’d spent some time analyzing Encore’s challenges and used market mapping data to uncover some key focuses that would help them attract the talent they needed. One of the contributing factors to the difficulty in finding candidates was that Encore’s total compensation offerings were very good, but candidates had trouble realizing how large the bonus scheme played into their total compensation. 

One approach we took was to showcase the company’s bonus schemes during the candidate qualification stage. We were able to present an attractive proposition that exceeds industry standards, which in turn helped us attract strong candidates who we knew would be dedicated to helping Encore become a success in the US. 

Faster Hiring Times

Loosing out on the talent you need can have a major knock-on affect that impacts everything from project delivery to ROI. This was starting to become the case for Encore whose average hiring timeline was 1-2 months. In a candidate short and highly competitive market, this was resulting in missed talent. This kind of thing can also cause some reputational damage in the candidate market – but we ensured this wasn’t to be the case for Encore. 

We reviewed their current process which showed that there was too much time in-between interviews and a lot of decision makers involved in the process. This inevitably led to lengthy hiring processes which often resulted in candidates being snatched up by competitors before Encore could hire them.

We designed a process that incorporated a maximum of three interviews, all timed concisely, reducing the time to hire to three weeks. 

We then reviewed our own qualification process and incorporated additional screening so that the client were confident that by the time they came to interview, the candidate was technically strong and would be a good team fit.

Candidate Feedback

To support Encore’s and our own continuous improvement strategy, we gained feedback from candidates on their experience of the hiring process and continued the feedback loop throughout their first few months in the role.

This helped make improvements to Encore’s onboarding process and design a seamless recruitment experience that would retain candidates and ensure they were feeling confident and excited in their new role.