Series A Funding means growth, and fast.

  • Client
  • Industry
    SaaS/ HealthTech
  • Location
    North America
  • Projects
    Start-up Scaling
  • Start-up specialists that support your growth, when it matters most

    We were able to adapt to RepeatMD’s need for efficiency to meet business demand.
  • 12 permanent hires, delivering high-performance teams.

  • A continuing partnership that continues to expand the business.

Their Story

RepeatMD, a Houston-based SaaS company with a growing office in NYC secured series A funding and quickly needed to super-charge their head count as business demands increased. When time was of the essence, and there was significant need for skilled professionals who understood the start-up environment, they called on Talent.

With a variety of roles and a short timeline, RepeatMD quickly became a repeat client.

Their Needs

With a niche product met with growing product demand, RepeatMD needed people who could commit to the start-up environment while possessing the necessary tech skills. Their main challenge was attracting top talent, often secured by top tech companies. The competition in the tech industry is fierce both for candidates wanting to excel and companies competing for the best candidates.

After months of using other agencies and not seeing results, Talent’s candidate pool and communication style was a refreshing change that drove internal growth for RepeatMD. Previous agencies would only take skillsets into consideration and ignore both candidate career trajectories and company culture needs. From product design, through to engineering, and operations, there were various teams that needed expansion – alongside hiring managers with high expectations. We were able to understand the nuances of 8 different teams, communicating efficiently to understand each hiring manager’s needs.

It takes a start-up to understand one.

With previous start-up roots and our extensive knowledge of the market, Talent successfully placed 12 permanent roles. These roles ranged from Director of Product, Financial Controller, to Engineering Manager and Tech Lead. Not only did these hires super-charge existing projects, but they were also a great culture fit, with the essential entrepreneurial spirit.

Services we provided:

From hiring strategy, through to constant communication between each interview, and onboarding expertise, Talent was sure to provide exceptional support to RepeatMD over the two-year partnership. “Talent’s communication style is professional, yet familiar, making it feel like they’re a part of our business, instead of an external agency.” RepeatMD Hiring Manger Lotti explained.

Positions we placed:

  • Engineering – Engineering Manager, Tech Lead, Mobile Engineer
  • Design – Director of Product Design, Product Designer, Lead Visual Designer
  • Product – Director of Product, Product Manager
  • Data – Senior Data Engineer
  • CS – Customer Success Manager
  • Operations – Talent Acquisition Manager, Financial Controller


  • I have worked closely with Talent for some time, most recently when I needed to scale my organization with high-caliber talent as the company scaled from Seed to Series A funding. Will Boulton's team has a proven track record in finding exceptional candidates, and offered valuable market insights when building my design, product & engineering teams. Importantly, he understands the nuances of all these disciplines which allow for a shorter time-to-hire – I can rely on him to act as a true partner and to solve my hiring needs efficiently and with the pace and commitment I expect of a recruitment partner.
    Lotti Morrison
    Chief Product Officer

Putting people at the heart of shockwave’s life-saving mission

  • Client
    Shockwave Medical
  • Industry
  • Location
    North America
  • Projects
    Talent attraction, market mapping, and head hunting.
  • 10 Business Critical Roles

    We helped Shockwave scale their teams by hiring top IT directors to dependable Salesforce Developers.
  • From start-up to stock exchange

    Our partnership started in 2019 and since then we’ve helped them continuously grow and scale.
  • Finding the right talent

    In an industry that is under significant legislative scrutiny and a high degree of quality standards, candidates need to be screened effectively to...

Scaling rapidly and saving lives along the way

Shockwave is leading the way in cardiovascular health with their game-changing device that treats heart disease.

From start up to being publicly traded on the NY stock exchange in just over 10 years, this company has scaled rapidly and saved lives along the way. We started working with them in 2019 when they needed a specialist tech and digital recruitment partner to supplement their in-house talent attraction team. Since then, we have recruited 10 tech SMEs for business critical roles and continue to support them as they grow the IT function. 

Attracting talent to Shockwave isn’t hard- but finding the right people in the Medical Device industry can be a challenge.

Shockwave is a purpose driven company with plenty to offer the right person. But finding the right people is a challenge – their location isn’t rich in the skills they need and the company are incredibly selective with who they bring into the fold. Being in an industry that is under significant legislative scrutiny and with a high degree of due diligence and quality standards, candidates need to be screened effectively to ensure they have the right experience and detail-oriented mindset.

Our approach to search & assessment 

Shockwave need strong communicators with excellent stakeholder engagement skills and above all, the same level of passion for the purpose and journey as the rest of the company. They also need people with strong experience in specific technologies (typically Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft).

To ensure we present a strong shortlist for Shockwave, we undertake a headhunting project for each role, starting with market analysis of the talent in the local area which is then expanded nationally if needed. Candidates are then screened in person or via video call to ensure we gain full confidence in their capability for the role, team fit and commitment to a career with the company. 

We undertake competency-based qualifications that align with the character profile for each role and overall culture and values. The interview uncovers the candidate’s approach to and examples of:

  • Technical capabilities 
  • Experience in a highly compliant environment and quality gating their work
  • Projects they have worked on and their contribution
  • Critical thinking and innovation
  • Independence and self-sufficiency
  • Stakeholder management, communication skills and team engagement
  • Learning and development needs
  • Work ethic, collaboration and experience working with cross-functional teams
  • Self assessment and quality gating work
  • Continuous improvement, learning & self development
  • Supporting colleagues who are under pressure
  • Seeking support when you don’t know the answers
  • Jason has been a great partner both personally and for my Shockwave teams resource needs. He has helped me hire a few FTE’s in my team in the last couple of years. The best part about Jason makes a concentrated effort to understand the needs of organization and the hiring manager. This allows him to present relevant candidates which considerably shortens the hiring and onboarding process. He is very responsive throughout the recruiting process and keeps all the stakeholders connected. ​ The great part about working with Jason is that he is able to fine tune the candidate pipeline based on the feedback that we provide him. All the candidates that we hired through him have excelled in their roles at Shockwave. He is not only great at recruiting Salesforce resources but also helped us finding a great Business Systems Analyst for a Tier 2 ERP (QAD).
    Dilip Khadye
    Senior Director of IT, Business Applications