Fuelling high growth with
business-critical candidates

  • Client
    Seven Network
  • Industry
  • Location
    Sydney, Australia
  • Projects
    Embedded Recruitment
  • 100% of roles filled ahead of schedule

    Across permanent, contract, and fixed term hiring needs
  • Increased efficiency

    Outperformed the time to fill SLA by more than 20%
  • Covered all tech and digital hiring

    Across UX, Scrum and Development

Their story

Seven is Australia’s leading broadcast network and is part of Seven West Media. Seven West Media is one of Australia’s most prominent media companies, reaching more than 19 million people a month with a market-leading presence in content production across broadcast television, publishing and digital.

With Seven expanding its national teams at a rapid pace, the need for top tech talent both at a small and large level was crucial for their growth. With a lack of capacity within the existing Talent Acquisition function, Seven called on Talent Solutions and their knowledge of the hiring market and relationships with candidates within the marketplace to fill these hard-to-place roles.

The challenge

Despite a candidate-short market, the Seven Network was in the midst of business-critical projects that were requiring timely fulfilment of many niche and highly technical roles.

With the growth of the business, there was a lack of capacity within the existing Talent Acquisition function and an absence of the required recruitment expertise internally to fill these roles.

The hiring plan

Sourcing skilled candidates in this market was the biggest priority with a focus on proactively headhunting candidates. The team at Talent Solutions were rapidly deployed in an onsite/offsite delivery model and had the right sourcing tools, an extensive database and network allowing this to come to life.

Being strong brand ambassadors was a requirement from the Seven Network when speaking with Talent Solutions, and that any team member that was speaking with candidates represented the brand accordingly.

Transparent reporting was introduced on the progress of roles which was extremely beneficial to the team.

The result

All roles were filled ahead of schedule across permanent, contractor and fixed term hiring needs. Talent Solutions outperformed the time to fill SLA by more than 20% with a cost saving of over $60,000.

Throughout the time period, Seven’s ATS went down with Talent Solutions stepping in swiftly to mitigate the impact of this.

  • "Talent has met our expectations, exceeding SLAs despite some demanding skillsets and have additionally been responsive and adaptable as our partnership has matured.”
    Human Resources Partner
    Seven Network, Australia

Increasing SunDrive’s workforce by 160% in 6 months

  • Client
    SunDrive Solar
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Projects
    Embedded Recruitment
  • Increased women in SunDrive's workforce by 1100%

  • Achieved an average 16-day time to hire

  • Onboarded 30 happy new hires

Their story

Solar technology company, SunDrive are creating unique solutions to reduce the cost of high-efficiency solar cells, whilst enhancing their performance and sustainability by utilising more abundant materials.

In October 2022, they secured Series A funding with a clear vision to establish a robust R&D framework and swiftly launch their pilot production line with the aim to be first to market with their solar technology. However, this ambitious vision came with the pressing challenge of rapidly scaling their team from 22 to 70 highly skilled individuals within a condensed timeframe.

Their needs

With urgency driving their efforts, SunDrive recognised the critical need for niche expertise in Hardware Engineering and R&D to drive their technological advancements. Moreover, the company was deeply committed to fostering gender diversity within their workforce to enhance creativity and innovation. They sought a Talent Acquisition partner that could not only attract and engage specialised talent but also help achieve their diversity and inclusion goals.

Our solution

In response to SunDrive’s urgent growth requirements and diversity objectives, the Talent team came into the picture. Our proven track record in rapidly scaling businesses with top tech talent, coupled with our expertise in innovative sourcing strategies made us the preferred choice for SunDrive solar. The tailored solution we provided included:

  • Hiring leader training: Setting SunDrive’s hiring leaders up for success and creating consistency in SunDrive’s recruitment strategy.
  • Brand audit: Identifying the current state of SunDrive’s employer brand and opportunity to develop and amplify to support the next stage of growth.
  • In-depth market mapping: Supporting the identification of talent in prime locations for SunDrive, we created a detailed market map of key competitors and talent across Australia and globally.
  • Weekly and monthly recruitment analytics: Clearly articulating the progress made and any roadblocks faced across the talent function week by week and month by month.
  • SunDrive job amplification: Leveraging Talent’s social media networks to amplify SunDrive’s most prominent roles with a cost saving of approximately 46%.

The results

Within the 6-month partnership Talent was able to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increased SunDrive’s workforce by 160%.
  • Increased women in SunDrive’s workforce by 1100%.
  • Created a 95% offer-acceptance rate.
  • Achieved an average 16-day time to hire.
  • Onboarded 30 happy new hires.
  • "We found the Talent team to be great partners across the Talent Acquisition function, much like having an internal function. This was critical given our hyper growth journey when it came to scaling. Each step of the way, Talent was consultative when sharing their insights and recommendation.  They also effectively delivered projects including hiring manager training, creating assessment criteria, talent operations and reporting. The highlight was their ability to deliver critical headcount in short timelines, seeing us achieve crucial project timelines."
    Blake Stephens
    Head of Talent
    SunDrive Solar
  • Client
  • Industry
  • Location
    Sydney, Australia
  • Projects
    Embedded recruitment solution
  • Hired across 5 locations in APAC

  • 62 hires in a 1 year period

  • 58% female hires

Talent is the RPO service provider for Yahoo in Australia and New Zealand for a Total Talent Management Solution (TTM) encompassing Permanent, Contract and fixed-term hiring across the business.

Delivering a multi-year, multi-country solution

Yahoo is a global business with more than 10,000 staff, making Talent’s service a multi-faceted solution. Our onsite, dedicated team is responsible for the entire end to end recruitment and management of the organisation’s permanent & contingent workforce – providing a defined set of value-adding services.

Hear from the Yahoo team below.

  • Client
  • Industry
  • Location
    Sydney, Australia
  • Projects
    Embedded recruitment solution
  • 93 hires over 14 months

  • Hired across 4 global locations

  • Average time to hire of 33 days

From a small start-up to a blockchain powerhouse, Immutable has been on an exciting journey of innovation and growth. But with success came the challenge of finding and hiring the right talent to fuel their expansion. That’s when we stepped in.

Due to unprecedented growth and funding, Immutable needed to hire another 200 team members

Advancing the next generation of web3 games, Immutable is transforming the world of gaming via NFTs through ImmutableX (an NFT minting and trading platform), and Immutable Studios (an NFT game development studio).

This accelerating growth meant Immutable needed to scale fast to support their next phase. With an additional 200 team members needed to meet their goals, find out below how we helped them achieve this.

  • "We were a small team at the time and needed to scale fast and hire over 200 people at pace and we didn't have the right internal team or capacity. We needed a partner that we could trust to come in and hit the ground running, that had hired at scale within high performing tech companies before. So for us, Talent's solution enabled us to hire the core tech and product skills at the pace that we needed and acquire the best people in market quickly. Our partnership is almost 2 years old and now operates across 4 countries."
    Pea Lord-Doyle
    Global Head of Talent
  • Client
  • Industry
  • Location
    Sydney, Australia
  • Projects
    Embedded recruitment solution
  • 148 hires made across 18 months

  • 12 average hires per month

  • Helped introduce new service & business lines

Talent was the embedded recruitment partner for Brighte, enabling them to grow at a rapid pace, whilst still maintaining a positive candidate experience and attracting top talent in a very tight market – particularly across the tech space.


Talent was responsible for Brighte's entire end-to-end recruitment process, delivering a tailored & targeted approach

As the leading provider of innovative financing solutions for the home improvement and solar energy market, Brighte needed to hire quickly and efficiently to keep up with ever-increasing demand.

Find out below how our tailored approach to talent acquisition led to exceptional outcomes.


Achieving rapid growth via Embedded TA

  • Client
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Projects
    Embedded Talent Acquisition
  • Tailored service plan

    We tailored our services to address Finoa’s most urgent needs, including re-designed job descriptions & improved interview processes.
  • 13 hires in 5 months

    Finoa had spend over 3 months trying to hire top talent themselves with no success. We achieved 13 successful hires, helping rapidly scale their teams.
  • €143k saved

    Our specialist Embedded solutions saved Finoa over €140k in costs.

How we built a tailored Embedded Talent Acquisition solution for Finoa…

Finoa is a fast scaling digital assets management platform in the Cryptocurrency market.

They opened their Berlin HQ in 2020 after going through a successful round of seed funding. As a result, rapid growth was needed to meet growing customer demand, deliver new product options, and prepare for a series A funding round.

Finoa’s small and relatively junior Talent Acquisition (TA) function were struggling to source and attract hard-to-find talent, and had spent over 3 months trying to recruit key tech roles with no success. They needed expert help to find and attract the right people to the team, and somebody who could upskill hiring stakeholders across the business. Ideally, a partner who would become ingrained into their business to help them build better processes and strategies for their growth – and that’s exactly what we provided.

Here’s how we did it…
  • A Deep Discovery Dive

    Understanding Finoa’s objectives and challenges were fundamental to the design of our solution. We did a deep dive into all aspects of their hiring practices, including candidate assessment, interviews, offer and onboarding processes, and learned what the world of work would be like for future hires.

  • Tailoring the Solution

    After assessing the hiring landscape, we discovered that there was an urgent need for key hires within platform engineering and site reliability. This became our highest priority, and we targeted our solution to address this - supporting long-term growth without compromising on flexibility.

  • An Embedded Partner

    Grant, a specialist recruiter with a long-term background in delivering TA solutions, led the project. He spent 3 days a week onsite with Finoa, meaning he was able to lift the lid on their needs, observe day-to-day recruitment practices and build strong relationships across the business.

Immediate Action

With an ingrained presence onsite with Finoa, we were able to establish exactly what needed to be done – quickly.

We rapidly took action on:
  • Developing a targeted sourcing strategy
  • Revamping job descriptions to boost candidate attraction
  • Transforming the interview process to reduce admin efforts and improve time-to-hire

These actions were key in addressing immediate priorities, planning for future hires, and significantly improving efficiency. As a result, Finoa’s time-to-hire was reduced from four weeks down to three.

In addition, we managed candidate screening, compliance, referencing and onboarding, creating an end-to-end process that aligned with Finoa’s way of working and centred the candidate experience, resulting in better hires and stronger retention.

A Target-Meeting Hiring Plan

Difficult-to-fill tech roles presented a major challenge for Finoa. We created a tailored hiring plan designed to meet a minimum target of 12 hires within platform engineering.

We reached out to over 1200 people with matching skill sets in platform engineering. This resulted in 6 new hires for the team (after 3 months of Finoa struggling to hire anyone).

One of our other projects involved candidate searches for a data science team lead and backend engineers (Node.js and Golang). Overall, we reached out to over 2500 candidates via targeted means. We hired 14 candidates for these key positions in 5 months, exceeding initial targets and the timeframe set.

Focused & Tailored Training Sessions

A roadblock in Finoa’s internal ability to hire top tech talent was their TA team. We designed a program of training for this team, as well as departmental stakeholders, to improve overall recruitment skills, candidate assessment and candidate experience management.

We initially held interviews with the team to identify key development areas. This allowed us to tailor our training plan accordingly, being sure to focus on the right areas.

We delivered training sessions that addressed specific needs through a series of workshops and one-to-one sessions to support individual needs.

This training resulted in a large improvement in candidate experience, measured primarily through drop out rate and offer acceptance. It also helped improve the relationships with the TA team and hiring managers, creating clearer communication and understanding from both sides.