Recruiting over 100 contractors in under 2 years with Sage

  • Client
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Projects
    Managed Service Agreement
  • 100 Contract Hires

    We have helped Sage source over 100 skilled digital contractors in less than two years.
  • IR35 Legislation

    Helping remove the stress associated with IR35 processes
  • 4 : 1 CV to placement

    For every four CVs submitted one candidate will be placed.

How we became Sage’s Managed Service Partner…

Sage is a multi-national software company that provides accounting, payroll and payment systems solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Sage had a few recruitment challenges to overcome. They needed a partner that would be an extension of their own talent attraction function, somebody with the ability to unearth local talent with highly sought-after skills. Their HQ is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK – a challenging place to be when it comes to finding and attracting tech and digital talent.

They needed someone who could provide a payroll solution and support the management of contractor care.

In addition, with the UK’s IR35 legislative changes looming, Sage needed a recruitment partner with expert knowledge to help them navigate the changes and implement a robust determination process.

Here’s how we helped them…
  • Cost Savings

    For contract resource, we developed a cost reduction schedule that incrementally reduces fees as the volume of hires increases. Cost reduction isn’t just about money saving – it is also about planning. We help Sage with strategic workforce planning and capacity management to ensure resources are utilised effectively.

  • Talent Attraction

    Sage are an excellent company to work for, but the market is competitive and local talent is hard to find. We needed to ensure our approach to candidate attraction was broad and inclusive. Through a mix of creative online campaigns, events, community building and social media branding we were able increase application rates and reduce the overall time to hire.

  • Service Reviews

    To ensure that Sage get the best from us, we hold regular service reviews to analyse progress, discuss ideas, share knowledge, tackle risks and issues, review SLAs, KPIs and hold performance reviews. This shapes our approach to continuous improvement for the Sage account and our wider business.

Payroll Solution

Sage wanted a partner who could manage the end-to-end process from initial sourcing and attracting candidates, through to onboarding and payroll. They needed a payroll solution that would save a large degree of administrative time for their busy team and reduce compliance risk.

Talent designed an onboarding solution that would provide a seamless experience for Sage, candidates and our team throughout the hiring process and beyond.

Included in the service:

  • IR35 determination management
  • Contract management (via DocuSign)
  • Contractor onboarding
  • Contractor payroll
  • Umbrella company PSL management
  • Contractor Care Charter

IR35 Consulting

The introduction of IR35 regulations presented a major challenge to businesses across the UK. On top of the extra administrative effort required to manage determinations, the regulation presents a large degree of risk when it comes to hiring non-permanent resource.

Sage wanted to find a recruitment partner who could help them navigate the complexities of the new regulations and help explore a solution that would minimise the time and risk impact of IR35 on their business.

We started the process with a knowledge share project to help Sage understand the legislation, what their responsibilities were and how to go live with IR35.

We became a sounding board for their concerns and helped them explore different options for the management of IR35 determinations. With our support, they designed a process that integrates seamlessly with the contract management and payroll service that Talent run for all Sage contractors.


Supporting supply chain and eCommerce for a luxury fashion leader

  • Client
    Ralph Lauren
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Projects
    Supply Chain, WMS, eCommerce, Finance, SAP
  • 15 placements in 18 months

    With a strong blend of gender and ethnic diversity, unique perspectives and broad experience brings fresh new thinking and innovative ideas to the company.
  • CVs supplied within 48 hours

    Talent supplies CVs to Ralph Lauren within 48 hours of receiving job specifications.
  • Niche skills

    Retail talent with tech and digital skills can be hard to find – they need to understand the systems and nuances of the industry.

London was calling for Ralph Lauren

Towards the end of 2020, Ralph Lauren made some organisational structure changes that resulted in new job opportunities opening in their London offices. With much of their management team based in Switzerland, they didn’t have a strong enough connection to the UK candidate market to successfully engage with talent.

To keep a prestigious brand like Ralph Lauren ahead of the game, they needed highly experienced tech and digital people with a strong understanding of the global retail industry. The business analysts and project managers would be covering the whole of Europe which meant they would need to understand different languages, unique markets and varying cultures.

To add to the challenge, the hiring managers are stretched thin and have very little time to navigate the global recruitment processes Ralph Lauren has in place.

Cutting out the Recruitment admin is key for Hiring Managers

Talent has developed a range of deployment strategies to help with this, speeding up the time to hire and also improving the candidate experience.

In the case of Ralph Lauren this included consulting on the recruitment process, best practice and onboarding support. We also created an onboarding checklist to help internal stakeholders keep on top of everything involved in the process of getting candidates started.

Retail talent with tech and digital skills can be hard to find – they need to understand the systems, the fast-paced digitalisation of retail services and the nuances of the industry.

Working with such a prestigious brand, the candidates would also need to be extremely quality driven and able to handle unique projects with care and clever prioritisation.

On top of this, Ralph Lauren has a powerful vision for their global team – their values for respect, individuality and possibility mean that new talent needs to be collaborative, innovative and work well within their diverse culture.

To find and attract the people Ralph Lauren needed, we wanted our candidate attraction approach to be selective, yet inclusive. To ensure they got the best attention, an account manager with over 15 years of experience in tech and digital transformation in the retail sector headed up the project, supported by select members from our global Talent Squad to ensure no stone was left unturned in the search for experienced candidates.

Over the years, they have helped clients across the retail sector hire tech and digital experts for all sorts of BAU and project roles. Because of this, they have built a powerful and diverse community of talent.

This is where they source the people Ralph Lauren is looking for, using market mapping, targeted campaigns and headhunting techniques to identify, shortlist and attract the right candidates.

Helping with the hiring process

With so much on their plate, the hiring managers at Ralph Lauren have very little time to manage all of the admin involved in a recruitment process.

We designed some quick fix strategies to help with this, speeding up the time to hire and improving the candidate experience. This included consulting on the recruitment process, best practice and onboarding support. We also created an onboarding checklist to help internal stakeholders keep on top of everything involved in the process of getting candidates started.

To ensure shortlisted candidates have the right skills, personality and approach to work that Ralph Lauren need, a robust screening process was developed to identify who would align with the client’s ethos and quality driven approach.

This helps the team shortlist only those who they are certain will thrive at the company, and ensured that every candidate presented suitable for interview. CVs were presented within 48 hours of receiving a request and we created an easy to manage process where calls were scheduled in advance to review and make decisions on CVs.


Finding perm and contract consultancy talent

  • Client
  • Industry
    Digital Products
  • Location
  • Projects
    Finding consulting talent
  • 33 contract hires

    We used all the tools in our arsenal to guarantee that the best contract talent was being found using local and national talent community building, networking and referrals, market mapping, strategic headhunting and targeted advertising campaigns.
  • 8 permanent hires

    We made sure to find the best and most suitable perm hires that had all the skills needed in a product management and digital design space.
  • Building partnerships

    We talk to them around 3-4 times per week to advise, support and consult them on management decisions with contract staff.

Finding Consultancy Expertise… FAST

Presence is a digital product consultancy who work with mission-led organisations committed to helping the world become a better place. 
Their expertise is in design, development, product management and emerging technologies. As they grow and win new projects, multidisciplinary experts are needed to deliver high-quality, reliable and sustainable solutions for their clients. 

But such talent is hard to find and even harder to attract as consulting firms battle it out to secure the best candidates in the market. With no in-house recruiting team and a time-short CTO finding themselves more and more responsible for the hiring process, Presence needed a reliable talent partner who could hire permanent and contract experts quickly.

This is no easy task, but we were sure with our quality ways of working and network of quality candidates that we were up to the task. Here’s how we helped them…

How we helped Presence save time and win more projects…

Consultative partner.

Presence has quickly become one of our best friends – we talk to them around 3-4 times per week to advise, support and consult them on management decisions with contract staff. 

We have helped them structure T’s & C’s and billing processes with new clients, been a listening ear during challenging times, provided reassurance on all things talent-related and supported with process design.

Interview support.

Fundamental to the success of Presence is their quality-driven, collaborative team who work together to deliver the best possible solution for their clients. We needed to ensure that every candidate shortlisted would be aligned with Presence’s ethos. 

We encouraged candidates to talk candidly about the challenges they faced, the types of projects they enjoyed working on, the things they didn’t like so much about their job, what their learning and development needs were, how they collaborated with others and anything else that would help us determine whether they would be the right fit. 

Bid confidence.

Presence is one of our clients who rely heavily on new talent to deliver high-profile projects for their customers. They are a growing company with a strong reputation to maintain and need to be certain they will have the right people, at the right time – without fail. 

Because of our history of attracting great talent to Presence, they came to trust our ability to quickly mobilise teams which gave them the confidence to bid for new projects. One of these required us to build a team of 14 engineers. This campaign became our highest priority. We took a whole team approach and had a shortlist sent over within 48 hours of briefing.

Finding the talent.

To help Presence identify and attract a diverse selection of candidates, we needed to ensure our approach to talent attraction was broad and inclusive. Presence asked us to hire for strategic permanent and contract roles, with skills across multiple tech stacks and specialisms needed.

With a major initiative to build a truly diverse workforce, Presence needed us to use our knowledge and network to create candidate attraction initiatives that were fully inclusive and would result in a broad, unbiased shortlist.

We used all the tools in our kit to ensure no stone is left unturned. This included:

  • Local and national talent community building, networking and referrals
  • Market mapping and strategic headhunting
  • Targeted advertising campaigns
  • Community partnerships that support DE&I initiatives
  • Social media engagement
  • Database search
  • Blogs/individual content engagement
  • Events & meetups attendance

Improving the candidate experience increases hires…

Maintaining candidate engagement in a fast-paced market is challenging enough – good candidates know their value and often won’t do coding challenges. Presence was losing out simply because candidates felt disengaged with the two-hour coding assessment they had to complete – other companies were snapping the talent up quickly. 

We helped them re-design the process to include a screen share live code review within the 2nd stage interview which helped them stay engaged with the candidates and gave candidates the opportunity to discuss their strengths and training needs with their future employer.

  • Talent is such a fantastic recruiter. They are always responsive and happy to jump on the phone on short notice. They ask very smart and insightful questions to make sure they understands our hiring needs. Talent does a great job of finding us quality people. Most importantly, the people working for Talent are great at communication. Every interaction with them is professional, friendly, and honest. I trust that they will represent our needs to potential candidates. I would gladly work with Talent again.