Talent’s entire global leadership team from across APAC, the UK, Europe and North America came together face to face for the first time for our “Break from the Pack” gathering. During three days of collaboration, reflection, networking and innovation we were treated to a number of fantastic workshops and presentations designed to ignite our passion for taking the business to the next level.We were fortunate enough to have Jean Oelwang, President and Trustee for Virgin Unite and Senior Partner at the B Team join us to share her insights on being 100% Human in the workplace.

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The essence of Jean’s presentation was encapsulated in her statement “If we want to change work and the world for the better, we need to start with how we treat people in the workplace. We need to stop predicting the future and start shaping it.”

This concept is one that resonates strongly with all of us at Talent. We are passionate about the employee experience – rewarding the right behaviours, celebrating difference and providing meaningful work. We are incredibly proud of the work we have done to ensure Talent is a rewarding and supportive workplace for our people globally.

What is the 100% Human at Work Initiative?

The B Team launched the ‘100% Human at Work Initiative’ because they believe the time has come for business to start thinking of people as human beings and not as resources. Moving away from maximizing profits and profitability to focus on how we can help people achieve their highest potential and purpose, driving positive change in the world – which will naturally positively impact the bottom line.

Jean explained to the group the key elements that define a 100% human workplace are the values of:

At Talent we have embraced these values and used them to guide and shape our own brand and values which are powerful touchpoints at every interaction people have with Talent.
Jean’s challenge to us during this session was to question “How Human we were as an organisation”. . As a proud part of the 100% Human community, Talent’s leadership team has embraced the core values of Equality, Respect, Growth, Belonging and Purpose that underpin the movement and we have been committed to driving change in our own workplace.
In a sector that is notorious for taking people at face value and focusing on the qualified, perfectly vetted candidate who is best suited for the role, Talent consultants are taught to overcome unconscious bias and find respect for all candidates.

We pride ourselves on showing a high level of compassion and care for our candidates and clients, hearing their stories and challenges and finding them a job they are good at, a team to belong to and showing them the ultimate level of respect. Ingrained in our culture is our foundation Talent RISE which focuses on placing young people who need a second chance or a first chance to unleash their potential into meaningful employment. Giving many of them a sense of purpose and inspiring them to become more confident and make better choices, to in turn become better influences of their peers.

What’s next for the 100% Human at Work movement at Talent?

The lessons learnt from Jean in this session on what a Human workplace really looks and feels like are helping us to shape Talent’s future growth and our belief system.

Talent is part of the global 100% Human at Work movement. We work with the 100% Human team in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Talent were involved in coordinating the first Australian gathering in Sydney held at Perpetual’s offices in May 2017, which brought together over 80 leaders from 68 of Australia’s top and most progressive companies. I was fortunate to be asked to present to the group, alongside Richard Earl Talent’s Founder on how Talent embraces Equality, Respect and Diversity in our own business.

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Since then an incredible amount of change has occurred and we are now fortunate enough to have a business delivering strong results, with a stable and passionate leadership team who has an ongoing commitment to the people at Talent.

At the start of the 2018 financial year, we set out to transform our global traditional HR function into a world class People and Culture model. This involved a number of key initiatives, including embedding a clear purpose, vision and mission into the fabric of the organisation. We are incredibly proud of the work we have done to ensure Talent is a rewarding and supportive workplace for our people. In recruitment, tenure and longevity are invaluable, and the financial benefits of retaining exceptional people speak for themselves.

Where to now?

In October 2018, Talent and the other members of the 100% Human at Work initiative will again be convening in Sydney, together with Jean Oelwang and Sir Richard Branson Co-Founder of the B Team and Founder of Virgin Group to lead a discussion on the future of work and the impact of technology, artificial intelligence, skills economy and diversity. Watch this space!

– Mark Nielsen – Talent APAC CEO