Writing a cover letter can be a tricky task, so here are our tips to help you make a lasting impression with your IT job application.


For many jobseekers, writing a cover letter feels like scaling a mountain. Most of us are not accustomed to talking about ourselves, and droning on about how great we are can be more awkward than empowering. But with a 2014 survey from Reed revealing that 40 per cent of recruiters won’t even look at a job application without one, it’s apparent that we need to get better at writing cover letters if we want to have a chance of landing the available IT job opportunities.

To get you started, here are three ways you can transform your cover letter from a trial to a triumph.

1. Bring something new

The cover letter is not your CV in long form, so don’t just regurgitate the information from your resume into paragraphs. A successful cover letter conveys new, tantalising information about you as a professional, and allows you to lay out the ‘it’ factor that sets you apart as a candidate. It’s also an opportunity for you to emphasise your enthusiasm for the role and work in some of the key phrases from the job description to show you’re perfect for it.

2. Don’t forget the details

According to the Reed survey, formatting is the second most important element of a job application, after a logical presentation order. You should aim to make a good first impression from the second the recruiter glances at your cover letter, and a disorganised, unpolished structure is not going to do this. It’s all about the details – tidy paragraphs, easy-to-read font, justified text and clean spacing. These things all add up to make you appear more conscientious and professional.

In addition, don’t forget to properly address your cover letter. You’re always best to target it directly to the recruiter, but if you’re unable to find out the name of the recipient The Houston Chronicle recommends being as specific as possible by addressing it with “Dear Hiring Manager for [vacancy title].”

3. End with a bang

Wrap up your cover letter with flair by ending on a note of confidence. Expressing your anticipation of talking further about the role helps to reaffirm your interest and demonstrates how positive you are that you’re qualified for the position. Confidence is contagious, and concluding your cover letter in this way might just give the hiring manager the push they need to schedule a interview with you.

Now that you’re armed with these tips, don’t let your cover letter get the better of you. See it as an opportunity to boost your job search game and make an impression on the next IT recruiter you apply to.